Christina Aguilera To Play A Sex Robot In New Movie, ‘Zoe’

The sci-fi romantic drama premieres Saturday, and features Aguilera as a sex robot.

Aguilera stars in a new movie called Zoe.
Greg Allen/Invision / AP Images

The sci-fi romantic drama premieres Saturday, and features Aguilera as a sex robot.

Christina Aguilera is making her way to the big screen in a new movie called Zoe, a sci-fi romantic drama that’s putting a new spin on the new controversial trend of sex robots. The movie will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this Saturday, according to Breitbart. The cast also includes Ewan McGregor, who plays a robot engineer, and Léa Seydoux, who plays another sex robot named Zoe.

The plot revolves around Zoe, a sex robot that’s forced to work as a prostitute. Jewel, another sex robot, is played by Christina Aguilera. Jewel and Zoe meet in an underground brothel, and the two become “fascinated by each other because they both see things in each other that they don’t have and that they want,” said Director Drake Doremus.

According to Fox News, the movie is based on human emotion. In fact, the director said he wanted the “actors playing robots to act more human than anyone else.” This might seem counterintuitive, since the movie centers around robots, but it speaks to the way people imagine futuristic robots could be, emotional and human-like.

The movie also addresses what dating might look like in the future, which according to Zoe, could involve robots. According to Entertainment Weekly, there is a research facility that matches humans with an ideal match. It turns out that Cole, the researcher, and Zoe, the sex robot, become involved in a forbidden romantic relationship. Robots are referred to as “synthetics” in the movie.

Recently, sex robots have become mainstream, stirring up controversy. In fact, a sex robot brothel is going to open in Moscow soon. The company, Dolls Hotel, plans to open several more in Russia and nearby countries, saying that these brothels improve people’s sex lives, detailed Sputnik News. Other proponents for sex robots include a Canadian professor, Marina Adshade. She said that these robots could save marriages, according to the Evening Standard.

Opponents argue that sex robots are harmful to society. The Federalist claimed that they promote isolation and self-delusion, because people “look for authentic human connection through increasingly unreal means.” And this certainly applies to sex robots, which can supplement or replace human contact.

The movie Zoe offers a glimpse into a futuristic world that we can only imagine. Its debut may fire up the discussion again surrounding sex robots and sex workers.