Grandma Duggar Reveals How She Deals With Unruly Kids In A Hilarious Duggar Family Facebook Photo

Treva Bowdoin

The Duggar family's Tontitown, Arkansas, residence is often overrun with kids. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar still have over half a dozen underage children living at home, and the former 19 Kids and Counting stars receive plenty of visits from their ever-growing group of grandchildren. There are currently 10 "grand-Duggars" and counting, so that's a lot of kids to keep in line.

Luckily, Grandma Duggar has devised the perfect way to make sure that all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren behave. According to a post on the Duggar Family Facebook page, her preferred method of discipline involves using a lot of foam firepower.

The Duggars recently shared a photo of Grandma Duggar looking battle-ready with two gigantic, fully-loaded Nerf guns in her hands. She has quite a bit of extra ammunition strapped to her chest in the hilarious photo, and she even has a smaller backup gun in a holster on her hip.

Apparently, the well-armed grandmother wasn't the only one who was toting around a small arsenal of toy guns when the photo was taken. She's also wearing a pair of goggles to protect her eyes from foam projectiles, which suggests that her grandchildren were also armed to the teeth and ready for war.

"TBT: Grandma Mary is always prepared with this many kids around!" the snapshot was captioned.

The Duggar Family Blog reports that Grandma Mary Duggar will turn 77-years-old next month. She's Jim Bob's mother, and she's pretty much a fixture at the Duggar family's home. She was living in a log cabin somewhere nearby, but she sold the land last year. Luckily, a group of her grandsons banded together to help move the house. In a Counting On webisode, Grandma Duggar revealed that her log cabin is now located on her son's property.

"I think it's really neat being close to the Duggar house," she said. "I'm just across the field from them, so it's going to be a really neat experience."

At one point, Grandma Duggar was helping out with the family's laundry every day, so fans will be relieved to see that she doesn't spend all day washing her grandchildren's clothes; the Duggars' recent photo makes it pretty obvious that she also has plenty of time to unwind and have fun with her family.