The Real Reason Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola Didn’t Return For ‘Jersey Shore’ Reunion Revealed

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When it was revealed the entire cast would not be returning for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, rumors began swirling on why Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola would not be heading to Miami with her seven roommates. Many fans speculated she was avoiding the reunion, and the large payday, to avoid her ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

It turns out fans were right, as Deena Cortese revealed why her friend decided to stay home during the reunion. It was a little more in-depth than fans had originally thought, however. Us Weekly reported that Deana said Sammi wanted to stay away because she was afraid Ronnie would get drunk and try to get back together with her.

“Sam told me that he used to call her on blocked numbers, and used to like, be really weird. She was afraid she was gonna get in the house and he would get drunk and spiral and try and get back with her or something,” Deena admitted in a confessional.

It appeared that Sammi wasn’t just nervous about being around Ronnie, but worried he would become inappropriate around her and try to win her back. Sammi has been in a serious relationship for over a year now with her new man and stayed home to stay away from the drama.

At the end of March, Sammi penned a lengthy post she shared to Instagram to let fans know why she decided against joining the reunion. She does not mention Ronnie at all but hints at avoiding a “toxic situation.”

In the past several episodes of the revival, many of the cast members have admitted in confessionals that they believe Ronnie is not over Sammi as he cannot stop bringing her up around the house. Sammi may not be on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but it certainly feels that way when fans are watching.

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Even DJ Pauly Delvecchio brought along a mannequin fit with a voicebox who spits out classic Sammi phrases from original Jersey Shore episodes. The cast refers to her as Sammi and the doll gets plenty of camera time.

Sammi is also the cause of many arguments between Ronnie and Deena, as the two have completely different views on the former reality star. Deena has defended Sammi time and time again on Family Vacation and has been adamant about shutting down negativity when it comes to her friend.