Jimmy Fallon Tears Up As He Delivers Touching Speech To Tina Fey

Tina surprised her fans, but then was delivered the biggest surprise of all from Jimmy.

Tina Fey appears on The Tonight Show on April 18
Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Tina surprised her fans, but then was delivered the biggest surprise of all from Jimmy.

Last night, Tina Fey appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Mean Girls hitting the Broadway stage. Jimmy and Tina arranged a set up where the 30 Rock star could surprise some of her biggest fans as they attended the theater where Mean Girls was debuting.

In the clip, fans are positioned in front of a Mean Girls Broadway poster and were asked to speak to the poster as if they were speaking to Tina herself. Woman after woman began speaking to the bright pink poster thanking Tina for paving the way for female comedians and for being such an inspiration to men and women everywhere.

In the middle of giving their thanks or right when they were finished, Tina appeared out from behind a curtain and surprised all the woman who had just given her the greatest compliments. Tina was swarmed with hugs and after the original tears and shock wore off the unsuspecting women and she spent some time speaking with each of them. Jimmy walked out with Tina as well, but all eyes were definitely on his former Saturday Night Live co-star.

After the video played for the Tonight Show audience, Jimmy let Tina know that there was one more person who wanted to thank her. Jimmy rose from his desk and went to the center stage where a Mean Girls Broadway poster was waiting. He stood in front of the poster as all the women did at the theater, and was unable to speak for a few moments as he choked up.

As Jimmy teared up, he joked he was on hormone pills to explain his crying.

“I know firsthand you worked so hard and found a voice and found your way and you made your own dreams come true, and most importantly, even now you’re making other people feel like they can do the same thing and change the world.”

Jimmy also mentioned his two daughters, Winnie and Frances, and hoped that they would grow up to be “fearless and confident in their strengths” like his good friend.

Tina and Jimmy appeared on Saturday Night Live together from 2000-2004 and hosted the Weekend Update segment for their four years together. They were known around Rockefeller Center and to viewers as one another’s work-spouses and were truly special on screen together. Amy Poehler replaced Jimmy on the segment when he left the show in 2004.