‘Days Of Our Lives’ Episode 4/20 Recap: Shocking Discoveries, Kidnapping, Split Personalities, & Grand Schemes

'Days of our Lives' Episode 4/20 is filled with shocking discoveries as Salem's citizens begin to realize the truth about Abby.

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'Days of our Lives' Episode 4/20 is filled with shocking discoveries as Salem's citizens begin to realize the truth about Abby.

It was revealed in previous episodes of Days of our Lives that Abigail DiMera is Andre’s true killer. Unable to cope with what she had done, Abby’s psyche fragmented and two alter personalities emerged, Dr. Laura and Gabby. Days of our Lives has recently taken significant heat on social media for their portrayal of mental illness.

As Abby’s alter Gabby gained prime spotlight on the show, fans dubbed her as Gabigail to minimize confusion. Stefan, who has fallen in love with Abby’s dark-haired alter, has vowed to do everything in his power to keep her with him.

Stefan’s love for Gabigail quickly turned into an obsession. In an effort to keep Gabigail’s secret, in previous episodes of Days, Stefan locked Marlena and Vivian in the tunnels below the DiMera mansion.

When Kate witnessed the dark-haired mystery woman in the hallway outside of Stefan’s bedroom, she called Chad and decided to confront her. On today’s episode of Days of our Lives, Gabigail, posing as Abby, blamed Stefan for everything. She told Kate she is in trouble and begged for help. Trusting and unaware, Kate turns her back to help her. Gabigail, feeling threatened, bashed her over the head with a candlestick. The blow to Kate’s head knocked her out. However, she was fully awake by the time Stefan added her to his growing collection of women in the tunnels.

Days of our Lives viewers may remember the tunnels from when Stefano used them. Marlena and Vivian were in the middle of a heated argument when Stefan brought a very confused Kate into the room.

Marlena informed Kate of Abby’s alternate personalities. Vivian then informed both Marlena and Kate of Stefan and Gabigail’s plans to run away together. Although all three women are in agreement that Stefan’s plan cannot come to fruition, they are not in a position to do anything to stop it.

Vivian defended her son Stefan when Marlena accused him of murder. She told them that Abigail is the one who killed Andre. Marlena now understands why Abby’s psyche split.

Chad and Gabi got into a heated argument on today’s episode of Days. Gabi stated that Abby is “out of her mind crazy.” Chad, who was visiting with Gabi at Statesville prison, received a phone message from Kate. Upon hearing that the dark-haired mystery woman is in Stefan’s room, Chad left for home. Gabi was quick to call Justin with her hopeful news.

At the Salem PD, Rafe and Hope, working in conjunction with Shawn in Hong Kong, were able to convince the security manager at the hotel to send over the rest of the surveillance video from the hotel. Days of our Lives viewers were finally able to see some of the pieces falling together as Hope and Rafe got there first clear view of Gabigail.

Days fans are finally seeing this storyline come to a head. John and Paul are wondering about Abby and will undoubtedly go back to the mansion to look for Marlena and Kate. After seeing the security footage, Hope and Rafe will head that way as well.

Back at the DiMera mansion, today’s episode of Days ended in a whopper of a cliffhanger.

Determined to get rid of Abby for good, Gabigail and Stefan make love. Days fans are showing mixed reactions toward this scene. Afterward, Gabigail told Stefan that she can no longer feel Abby inside her head. Days of our Lives Episode 4/20 ended as Chad barged into Stefan’s room, seeing his wife in bed with his brother.