Rachel Weisz Says She’s Pregnant With Daniel Craig’s Baby Before Discussing Lesbian Love Scene

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In her recent New York Times interview, Rachel Weisz had a lot to say about playing Rachel McAdams’ lesbian lover in the movie Disobedience. However, thanks to what she said at the beginning of her sit down with columnist Maureen Dowd, very few of the headlines currently out there are about the two Rachels’ new film. Instead, all anyone can talk about is Weisz’s big baby news: She and husband Daniel Craig are expecting.

While interviewing Rachel Weisz, Maureen Dowd noted that the 48-year-old actress’s flawless skin is always glowing, and she pressed her on what her big beauty secret is. However, Weisz spilled a different secret that explains why she seems to be glowing a little more these days.

“I’ll be showing soon,” Weisz said. “Daniel and I are so happy. We’re going to have a little human. We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery.”

Weisz and 50-year-old Daniel Craig both have one child apiece from previous relationships. Rachel Weisz has an 11-year-old son named Henry with director Darren Aronofsky, and Craig has a 25-year-old daughter named Ella with actress Fiona Loudon. Weisz and Craig rarely talk about their personal lives, so it wasn’t surprising that the former only said a few words about becoming a mother again before moving on to the topic of an upcoming movie. She and Dowd discussed her role in Disobedience, which focuses on a taboo lesbian relationship between two women who grew up together in an Orthodox Jewish community in London.

Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Married After Working On 'Dream House' Together
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Rachel McAdams plays Weisz’s lover in the movie, which included so many orgasm shots that Weisz decided to ask for one of hers to be cut. When she was quizzed what it was like kissing another woman onscreen for the first time, she said that the experience was “less stubbly” than her previous kissing scenes.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig filmed a few such “stubbly” love scenes for the 2011 movie Dream House. The two play a married couple in the psychological thriller, and their professional relationship blossomed into a real-life romance during filming in 2010. According to Metro, the pair had actually been friends since their university days, but it wasn’t until they spent all that time together at work that they realized that they wanted something more than friendship from one another.

Weisz and Craig tied the knot in a secret, intimate wedding ceremony on June 22, 2011. They’d only been an official couple for half a year, but it’s clear that Weisz has no regrets about rushing to the altar to marry James Bond.

“I’m very happy being married,” she said. “Very, very happy.”