Kim Kardashian's Voluptuous Bikini Curves Interrupted By 'Rotten Toenail' Observations

If you were wondering what Kim Kardashian was up to when she recently posted a photo of her feet done up in yellow nail polish without so much as one word for a caption -- wonder no more. That photo appeared to be a visual rebuttal aimed at all the nasty comments about Kim's latest bikini photo posted online, according to Fox News.

A few days ago Kim posted a picture of her curves, which were highlighted in a bikini. She posted this particular photo as a "shout-out" to her personal trainer, who she credits for getting her in such terrific shape.

Kim explained in the bikini post that she wasn't happy with what she saw when she looked in the mirror. She then goes on to share in that post just how she spent the following year working on her body with her trainer.

This entailed "training so hard 5 or 6 days a week" along with changing her food intake. She thanked her trainer for getting her up in the wee hours of the morning (5 a.m.) to "to do crazy bodybuilding workouts and sprints," which she admitted to hating at the time.

As you can see in the post below, which is her bikini pic "shout-out" to her trainer, Kim's body is not only tan but it appears to be flawless. This is what many fans thought until someone happened to zoom in on her right foot

It is her pinky toe on her right foot that is getting all the attention today, not her bikini curves. Fox News reports that there's "body-shaming" happening online regarding Kim's toenail. It appears that the trolls have honed in on Kim's toenail, which has been referred to as "gross" among other choice words.

According to The Sun, despite Kim showing off her "famous curves" in the photo, it appears the attention has drifted to her toenail, and that started a "whirlwind" of online comments. The picture did have some people thinking she was sporting a "rotten toenail," reports the media site.

The Instagram photo of Kim's foot was blown up, posted online, and retweeted almost 50 times. The floodgates opened, and it appears that quite a few people honed in on Kim's yellow toenail. That zoomed-in picture of Kim's toenail can be seen below in the Twitter post.

Kim didn't say a word about this, but she did offer an online visual, which seemed to clear up the toenail conspiracy. While her pinky toenail was indeed yellow, the rest of her toenails were yellow as well. Kim painted her toenails that color.

Kim posted the photo below of her feet sporting yellow nail polish. She didn't write a word, she just posted the picture for all to see.

The Sun shared several online comments that appeared on Kim's bikini photo post. People were cruel when it came to that toenail, with one person writing, "Omg she has all the money in the world but can't get a pedicure." Another commenter suggested, "ain't yellow, just an extra popcorn kernel that fell while she was snacking earlier."