NBA Rumors: LeBron James Still In 'Legacy Phase,' Will Pick Rockets Over Lakers & Cavs, 'TNT' Analyst Predicts

JB Baruelo

In the past months, the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Philadelphia 76ers emerge as the potential landing spots of LeBron James in the upcoming offseason. James is yet to give an official statement, but rumors and speculations continue to circulate where he will play next. In an appearance on Tony Kornheiser Show, TNT's David Aldridge gave his own prediction on where "King James" will be heading this summer.

"My guess would be Houston. He's very close with Chris Paul," Aldridge said (h/t The Big Lead). "It's a team that is showing you they can compete with Golden State."

To support his claim, Aldridge reportedly talked to someone close to the situation and said that LeBron James is still in the "Legacy phase" of his career. He will join a team where he knows he can win multiple NBA championship titles. The Cavaliers, as currently constructed, obviously aren't the team who can help James surpass Michael Jordan's record.

Even if they manage to add another superstar this summer, the Cavaliers are no longer a team to fear in the Eastern Conference. The Lakers and the Sixers are two of the most promising teams in the league, consisting of young and talented players who are capable of becoming superstars in the league. However, of all the four teams, the Rockets only have a strong chance of beating the Golden State Warriors and other powerhouse teams in the league.

The Rockets ended the regular season with the best record, 65-17, thanks to the explosive backcourt duo of James Harden and Chris Paul. LeBron James has a good relationship with Paul, and both of them dreamed of playing together in one team. According to Bobby Burack of The Big Lead, joining the Rockets will give James the best teammate he ever had in his career. This could be the first time James is no longer the main man of a team.

Forming "Big Three" with Paul and Harden and playing under Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni will undeniably give James a higher chance of adding more Larry O'Brien Trophy in his collection. However, the Rockets will be needing to make multiple roster moves and let numerous players walk away in order to give James a maximum contract. The problem regarding their salary cap flexibility could be easily solved if James and Paul take a huge pay cut to team up with Harden in Houston.