JoJo Siwa Visited Abby Lee Miller In The Hospital, Says That ‘She’s Not Good’ And Wanted To Hold Her Hand

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JoJo Siwa is one of the former stars of Dance Moms whose entertainment career benefited most from the show, so it should come as no surprise that she rushed to the side of the woman who helped make it happen as soon as she learned about her cancer diagnosis. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 14-year-old dancer/singer recently revealed that she visited Abby Lee Miller in the hospital. Unfortunately, what she had to say about her former dance instructor’s condition wasn’t all reassuring.

As reported by People, Abby Lee Miller was recently diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, an aggressive type of blood cancer. She’s currently recovering from spine surgery, and a rep for Miller said that things are going well so far. However, Jojo Siwa told Entertainment Tonight that her impression of Miller’s current physical state is that it’s not so great, and she described her as being “very ill.” Luckily, Siwa said that her former Dance Moms co-star did seem to be doing okay emotionally when she visited her in the hospital, even though she would occasionally start “trying to cry.”

“I actually went down to the hospital to see her,” Siwa said. “She’s not good, but she luckily is in good spirits.”

During an interview with Access Hollywood, JoJo Siwa shared a few more details about her visit with Abby Lee Miller. She said that Abby was moving her arms around, and she was able to carry on a conversation with her. However, Miller did doze off a few times during their chat. She also asked JoJo to give her a hand massage, but the teen believes that she really just wanted to hold her hand.

Abby Lee Miller Got A Hospital Visit From JoJo Siwa
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Siwa said that Miller is “not 100 percent on what’s going on right now,” and she described the whole situation as “heartbreaking.” She also defended Miller from critics who feel no compassion for her because of the way she treated her students on Dance Moms. She was often criticized for yelling at the girls and belittling them, but JoJo Siwa says that she sees Abby Lee Miller as a “loving” and “caring” person. She also said that she’s “grateful” that she was able to learn so much from the dance instructor.

JoJo Siwa exited Dance Moms during its sixth season, but she told Access Hollywood that she didn’t leave the show because of Abby Lee Miller. She considers her a “good friend” and didn’t see her “crazy” behavior as that big of a deal.

“People look at her as the big lady who screams at kids on TV, but it’s not the case,” JoJo said. “She is a human and she’s nice and she’s loving, so it’s really hard to see her go through that.”