Michelle Williams Of Destiny’s Child Is Engaged With A Massive Rock

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

After a stellar Coachella performance where Destiny’s Child reunited, news has broken of Michelle Williams’ engagement to pastor Chad Johnson. According to People, the engagement happened almost a month ago on March 21, and the deal was sealed with a stunning five-carat diamond.

The couple has been dating for a year, but People noted that Chad had been saving for a ring for 11 years. At the age of 30, Chad opened an account strictly for ring saving purposes and added money sporadically over the years. He wasn’t dating anyone at the time, but he knew he was saving the money for the love of his life. Saving wasn’t easy, however, as he contemplated removing the money on several occasions after many years had passed and he hadn’t found the one yet.

Luckily for Michelle, Chad stuck to his guns and kept the ring fund going for those 11 years. There are no specifics on the cost of the five-carat diamond Michelle so happily accepted, but People reported Chad grabbed the stunner from famed Los Angeles jeweler Denis Mahgerefteh.

Michelle had seen a ring while she was out and about with a friend in February and absolutely fell in love with it. She felt too awkward to take a photo and send it to Chad and decided against it. Apparently, her new rock is almost identical to the ring she fell in love with just a few months ago. It looks like things are meant to be for this very happy couple.

Michelle is pretty well known across the music industry for being a pillar in one of the most successful female groups of all time, but not many people recognize Chad by name or photo. Not to be confused with Chad Johnson of NFL fame, Michelle’s Chad is a very famous pastor for pro-sports athletes. The two met on a spiritual retreat last year and Chad immediately knew he had been saving up for that ring for Michelle.

There are no details on the upcoming wedding, but People reported Chad is gung-ho with wedding plans, while Kelly is just living in the moment of being newly engaged to the love of her life.