New York Giants Part Ways With Brandon Marshall — Could Look To Add Dez Bryant

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It is one and done for Brandon Marshall and the New York Giants. It is a move that will create a lot of questions regarding the future of the Giants and arguably one of the NFL’s best wide receivers in the past decade.

According to SB Nation, the oftentimes controversial Brandon Marshall has been released. Marshall signed with the New York Giants as a free agent last offseason.

The news of Brandon Marshall being released by the New York Giants came early Thursday. It is just one week before the NFL draft and the decision to cut Marshall could determine how the Giants handle their draft board.

The Giants are slated to select second next Thursday. As of now, they have needs at quarterback, running back, offensive line, cornerback, and wide receiver. The latter can be taken care of during or after the NFL Draft.

There is a possibility that the New York Giants could reach out to Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant was recently let go by the Dallas Cowboys in a move that was considered as cost-cutting by many who follow the team. Shortly after his release, Dez Bryant stated that he has the desire to play for a team in the NFC East (courtesy of ESPN).

Doing so would give Bryant an opportunity to line up against the Dallas Cowboys at least twice. Not only does the Giants play in the same division, but they are also the Cowboys’ most hated rivals.

Ironically, there was some growing buzz a day prior regarding the Giants and the likelihood that they would target Dez Bryant.

It was an Instagram post by Brandon Marshall that suggested the Giants did not have room (courtesy of the New York Daily News) for Bryant on the roster. The post by Brandon Marshall has since been deleted; however, it has been saved and released by several Twitter news feeds.

The Giants’ decision to release Brandon Marshall could be more about overall production than anything else. Marshall barely made much of an impact for a Giants football team, which went into the 2017 NFL season with ideas of contending for the NFC East.

For the Giants, Brandon Marshall could not gain separation from defenders and he was slowed by injuries. By the middle of the NFL season, the Giants placed Marshall on injured reserve (courtesy of the NFL website) because of a bad ankle. Marshall had only 18 catches at the time that the Giants sat him due to injuries.

What Brandon Marshall decides to do now is unclear. It is possible that he may retire as a result of the New York Giants releasing him.

As for the Giants, they could bring in their old nemesis from the Dallas Cowboys. People have already talked about how Dez Bryant would fit with the Cowboys,