‘Southern Charm’ Creator Whitney Sudler-Smith Says He’s Focused Behind The Scenes

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Now that Southern Charm is a confirmed success, creator Whitney Sudler-Smith has returned to the position he prefers, and that is behind the scenes on the creative side. It’s not a coincidence that Whitney is the creator of Southern Charm, yet publicly, the least is known about his private life. Because of the lack of information, Sudler-Smith says that people make assumptions and fill in the blanks about what he truly does for a living. But Whitney assures Southern Charm fans that he’s not living with his mother, Patricia Altschul, or enjoying “funemployment” as Southern Charm star Austen Kroll calls it, but rather he has expanded Southern Charm into a franchise featuring the newest locale, Southern Charm New Orleans.

These Days, Whitney Sudler-Smith Is Busy Behind The Scenes Of Southern Charm

Now that Southern Charm Season 5 has launched, we are seeing Whitney Sudler-Smith in the role of facilitator. You need someone to make sure the preggo is fed at the dinner party, there is Whitney. You need someone for the awkward facial expression when Naomie takes out J.D.? Call Whitney. But Sudler-Smith thinks that people have the wrong idea about his what he truly does, says Romper.

But aside from being the perfect plus-one, Whitney seems best and happiest in his role as the creator of the Southern Charm franchise. Just last Sunday Southern Charm New Orleans premiered, and fans are already intrigued. Whitney Sudler-Smith and mama Patricia Altschul attended the New Orleans launch party for the latest addition to the Southern Charm family.

Whitney Sudler-Smith says he believes that people see him as a slacker, but he’s really a busy guy.

“People think we’re a lot more degenerate than we really are. People think I live with my mother and don’t work, which is the complete opposite.”

Bravo says that these days, Whitney spends most of his time in Los Angeles where he writes and directs films in addition to developing new shows for his production company, Haymaker.

Whitney Says The Cast Of Southern Charm Is Naturally Dramatic

Whitney says that the original Southern Charm doesn’t require much from him these days, as there is a natural drama in the air. He says time after time, the original Southern Charm cast brings it.

“You don’t have to do anything; there’s no prompting. That’s what makes them so compelling, is they have a lot going on in their lives.”

Whitney sees his main responsibility for the Southern Charm franchise as making every effort to not end up taking a wrong turn on the “hot mess express” in an effort to keep it classy.

“The idea of southern aristocracy… it’s interesting that even though they’ve lived this fairy tale existence, they have real problems like everyone else in America would.”

Alliances For Southern Charm Season 5 Have Changed And Whitney And Kathryn Seem Friendly

And it’s looking like things have changed behind the scenes of Southern Charm for Whitney Sudler-Smith and his off-screen friendships. There is a palpable thaw between Whitney and Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis. Just this week, Whitney was photographed out at a casual lunch with Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, and infant daughter Palmer. A year ago, this group would not have been simply hanging out without Bravo cameras in sight.

Fans of Southern Charm need to stay tuned to see if this off-screen thaw will spread on-screen, and if Whitney and Kathryn Dennis can once again find a way to be friends, and if Miss Patricia and Kathryn will ever see eye to eye before the end of Southern Charm Season 5.