MTV ‘Challenge’ Star Britni Thornton Arrested For DUI, Ex-Wife Of Britni’s Beau Brad Fiorenza Says She’s Livid


Britni Thornton and MTV Challenge veteran Brad Fiorenza fell for one another during the recent Vendettas season and they reportedly are still together. However, at the moment, they are apart and unfortunately, Thornton just landed herself in some hot water. The MTV star was arrested over the weekend in Georgia and Brad’s ex-wife and former Challenge star Tori Hall has made her thoughts on the trouble known.

Augusta Crime reports that Britni Thornton was arrested on April 14 for driving under the influence and a failure to maintain her lane. US Weekly shares that they have confirmed details regarding Thornton’s arrest, noting that she was charged in Columbia County, Georgia.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup notes that both Britni and Brad were away filming the new Challenge season dubbed Final Reckoning, but Thornton had already returned home while Fiorenza remains away. Vevmo’s latest Challenge spoilers confirm that Britni was eliminated relatively early on while Brad remains on a team in contention for the win.

As the news regarding Thornton’s arrest emerged, someone tagged Brad’s ex-wife Tori Hall with a link to the report. Hall replied that she didn’t want to be tagged in posts like that, adding that she was livid about Britni’s DUI. Tori added that there is never an excuse to drink and drive, ever.

For her part, Thornton has addressed the incident via her Twitter page. Britni says that it was a one-time, stupid mistake and she typically never drives after drinking.

Britni added in her post that she’s a “stoner not a drinker” and that mistakes happen. It looks like the Challenge star isn’t disputing that she had been drinking and driving that evening, although some might point out to her that driving while being stoned can lead to a DUI charge in Georgia as well.


Obviously, Thornton isn’t letting Hall’s tweet bother her much, and she’s been tweeting plenty about her birthday and other topics since the weekend incident. Will Brad Fiorenza address the situation when he returns from filming The Challenge: Final Reckoning or will this all be brushed aside by that point? Will this charge have any impact on Britni Thornton’s ability to participate in future Challenge seasons? There is clearly more to come on this situation and MTV fans will be curious to see how it all plays out.