Former ‘General Hospital’ Star Bryan Craig Hypes Eva Longoria Project ‘Grand Hotel,’ Cast Waits For ABC Pickup

David BeckerGetty Images

Bryan Craig remains a fan-favorite for many General Hospital viewers despite the fact that he left the soap in 2016. The actor returned for one episode earlier this year and with all of the chaos that Nelle is creating for Carly about the presumed-dead Morgan, many have hoped he might return. However, Craig is attached to a new Eva Longoria project and he just shared a photo with the cast on Instagram that shows he’s excited and focused on his current primetime opportunities.

News emerged a few months ago that Eva Longoria would be developing a series titled Grand Hotel that is based off a Spanish program that aired a few years ago. Bryan Craig is set to play a central role on the new show, and he just shared a photo with some of his fellow Grand Hotel cast members as they gathered to celebrate Eva Longoria receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

What’s the status of this new series with Craig? The Sun Sentinel recently chatted with Longoria as the pilot filmed at the famed Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The Spanish series that lays the groundwork for Eva’s version, Grand Hotel, is often described as being a Spanish version of Downton Abbey, as it focused on a rich family and their servants. Eva’s take on it will be similar in many ways, and it sounds as if it’ll have a little something for everyone in terms of mystery, romance, comedy, and drama.

The new version that Longoria is developing for ABC is set at the fictional Grand Riviera Hotel and is owned by the Cardenas family. The pilot filmed in late March, and it is expected that ABC will make a decision on the series in May. Eva shares that she’s feeling optimistic about getting a full season pick-up and there does seem to be a lot of buzz about this project.

The Tampa Bay Times shares that former General Hospital star Craig plays Cardenas heir Javi, described as a playboy who loves to ruffle his father’s feathers. This character in the original Spanish version is a wild child who regularly causes chaos and scandal for his family, and Bryan’s fans can see him flourishing in a role like this.

Craig is still attached to the CW show Valor, but the ratings have been lackluster and TVLine lists it as “essentially canceled” at this point. Bryan also has a project titled American Fighter that is currently in post-production, which further reinforces that a full return as Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital seems highly unlikely.

Will Eva Longoria’s Grand Hotel become the next big thing for ABC, launching Bryan Craig into primetime stardom? The show looks likely to get picked up and generate plenty of buzz, and General Hospital fans will surely want to tune in and see Craig in this new role.