Illinois Narcotics Officers Arrested For Selling Confiscated Drugs

Three Illinois narcotics officers have been arrested and are facing numerous charges including selling confiscated drugs. Federal agents arrested the three men on Wednesday as the result of an investigation conducted by county and federal authorities.

The narcotics officers were arrested in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Federal and county officials executed 20 warrants and placed three men under arrest for multiple counts. The charges include official misconduct, armed violence, theft, burglary, and multiple drug charges.

As reported by ABC 7 News, The men were employed by The Schaumburg Police Department and were assigned to the narcotics unit. One of the men has worked in the department for 23 years.

Officers Matthew Hudak, 29, John Cichy, 30, and Terrance O’Brian, 46, were put on surveillance after a tip was received from an informant. Hidden cameras recorded officers breaking into an evidence storage room and stealing cash, confiscated drugs, and paraphernalia. It is alleged that the officers were then selling the drugs.

As reported by Fox Chicago, Ken Fritz, Schaumburg Village Manager, discusses the impact on the community:

“It is very disappointing to learn that three Schaumburg police officers are alleged to have broken the very laws they were sworn to uphold. But, it is important that our community understands our commitment to hold officers that break the law fully accountable. That’s why the Schaumburg Police Department fully supports efforts to prosecute these officers to the fullest extent under the law.”

The narcotics officers were put on administrative leave following their arrest. A fourth person, the girlfriend of one of the officers, was arrested and charged as well. They are all currently being held on $750,000 bond.