Bella Hadid Rocks A Tiny Sheer Top To Defy Instagram’s Nudity Rules

Koki NagahamaGetty Images

Bella Hadid found a way around one of Instagram’s most infamous censorship rules. As reported by ELLE, she strategically blurred a few of her photos so that she could show off her rather unusual sheer top. If she hadn’t digitally altered the image, it probably would have been removed for violating Instagram’s anti-nudity policy.

On Wednesday, Bella Hadid shared a series of Instagram photos that were snapped in what appears to be a hotel room. In the first image that she posted, the 21-year-old model is wearing a bandeau top that’s as sheer as the thin nylon material that pantyhose are made out of. She’s wearing black pants and has a matching blazer slung over her shoulder.

“Gotta run,” Bella captioned the photo.

Because her nipples are visible, she had to blur the image quite a bit. According to Cosmopolitan, Instagram’s Community Guidelines say that female nipples must be censored in photos unless the images portray “post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding.” Bella Hadid’s photos don’t meet this criterion, so she had to find a way to work around the rules. She also shared a similarly censored frontal shot of her revealing top, which she simply captioned, “Ten points if you can catch me.”

Hadid didn’t have to blur an Instagram slideshow featuring two photos, even though she’s wearing the same sheer bandeau top in those images. This is because she is keeping her chest covered up with her black jacket. She’s seated in a chair, and she’s surrounded by Dior shopping bags.

“Chrome hearts and dior, that’s me,” she captioned the snapshots.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Bella Hadid has worked with both Chrome Hearts and Dior as a collaborator and a brand ambassador, respectively. The images above were likely taken at a Dior event in Tokyo, Japan. According to Just Jared, Hadid attended the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump Party at 1 OAK on April 10, and she’s wearing the same sheer top and black suit in snapshots taken at the brand’s launch party. One such photo can be seen below.

Bella Hadid Attends A Dior Event In Japan
Featured image credit: Atsushi TomuraGetty Images

Bella Hadid is currently back in the states, and she’s been having a blast at Coachella. She and her older sister Gigi have been partying hard at the music festival, and they’re staying at the perfect place to unwind after a long day and night of dancing. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the sisters have rented a 40-acre private mansion in Palm Springs. The luxury estate — which includes its own man-made beach — costs a whopping $350,000 to rent for the weekend.

It looks like Bella Hadid got paid big money for those gigs with Dior and Chrome Hearts.