‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Hires Hottie To Seduce Peter — Leaked Script Shows Scheme To Save Maxie

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General Hospital spoilers reveal that there’s a sexy new actress on her way to Port Charles and it’s Sports Illustrated model and actress Rachelle Goulding in a part called Riley. The official announcement comes in this week’s soap magazines with few details. However, an audition script for the role leaked on Twitter and made it clear what the plans are for Riley and how she’ll be part of Nina Reeves’ (Michelle Stafford) scheme to get Peter August (Wes Ramsey) away from Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms).

Nina Wants Peter Gone!

Upcoming GH spoilers from Soap Central preview more conflict between Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Nina over Peter. Next week on April 26, Nina meets up with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) to discuss next steps in his investigation of Peter. Curtis already smells a rat since Peter didn’t have a proper background and seemed to crop up out of nowhere a few years ago. With Curtis hot on his trail and Nina working overtime to ferret out his secrets, Peter better watch out. Soap Opera News reported Goulding’s casting. Here’s what else we know.

Nina thinks that Peter has feelings for Maxie, and she’s not wrong. General Hospital spoilers and recaps from She Knows remind that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) told Peter that he needed to back off as he could tell he’d developed feelings for Maxie. Peter denied it, but he protested too much. He is clearly attracted to his brother’s widow. Nina knows this and wants him out of Maxie’s life. She sees Peter as a threat to Nathan West’s (Ryan Paevey) memory, and it’ll be worse once she knows he’s Henrik Faison!

The Plot To Topple Peter

It seems that the chase to find the secret identity of Henrik is going to reach fever pitch soon. GH spoilers from this week’s soap magazines reveal that Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) get a clue about Henrik at the Swiss bank. Since Peter had access to the letter about the trust fund Nathan set up for his unborn child, then made a phone call to his bank, it looks like he sent money to benefit his unborn niece or nephew.

When Jason and Sam see that Nathan’s baby is going to get a big chunk of change from Henrik, that will leave them scratching their heads since they assume Henrik is a villain. At the same time, Nina is convinced that his alter-ego, Peter August, is also a bad guy. The forces are converging to expose Peter as Henrik, and that alone could make Maxie hate him. But Nina can’t afford to wait. She wants Peter out of Maxie’s life now, and she comes up with a bold scheme to interfere.

Nina Hires A Hottie!

An audition script leaked showing some of the action as Rachelle Goulding debuts as Riley, Monday, April 23, on General Hospital. Spoilers from the leak show that Nina and Riley know each other from Crimson and it seems Goulding will play a gorgeous supermodel. This fits since she’s a Sports Illustrated bathing suit babe who dated Gossip Girl hunk Chase Crawford. The script that leaked calls Nina by the name “Nancy” — and she tells Riley about her chance to meet sexy COO “Frank North” which is the substitute name for Peter.

& done! ???????? lola lets go

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It seems that Nina will point her supermodel pal at Peter trying to distract him from Maxie. Even if Peter doesn’t fall for the exotic beauty, if Nina can orchestrate it so that Maxie walks in on him in a compromising position with another woman, it might get Maxie to back away from him. It might not work though because spoilers from this week’s Soap Digest for the week of April 30 reveal that Peter is unfazed, perhaps by the temptation offered by Riley. Later that week, Maxie seeks him out.

What do you think? Will Nina convince Maxie to cut Peter out of her life? How much longer can Peter keep his true identity hidden? Check out the latest news on Maurice Benard’s personal family tragedy and Laura Wright’s big leak about Friz baby news, plus Franco pleads forgiveness from Sam and Jason! Watch ABC weekdays for new GH episodes and check back soon for more General Hospital spoilers.