‘One Piece’ Chapter 902 Spoilers: Jinbe Versus Big Mom, End Of Whole Cake Island Arc Confirmed!

tofoli.douglasFlickr/Public Domain

One Piece Chapter 902 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will feature the Strawhat Pirates’ escape from the Whole Cake Island Arc and the epic faceoff of Jinbe and Emperor Big Mom. Is a reunion between Jinbe and Luffy in the Wano Kingdom still possible?

The spoiler posted on Reddit for One Piece Chapter 902 will start with the Strawhat Pirates’ successfully escaping from Big Mom’s territory. In the previous chapter, the Sun Pirates sacrificed their ship to save the Thousand Sunny from being directly hit by the Big Mom Pirates. Wadatsumi, the giant Fishman, was tasked to bring the Strawhat Pirates to safety. However, Jinbe decided to stay to fight alongside his former crew.

The fully recovered Big Mom arrived while her subordinates are fighting Jinbe and the Sun Pirates. The Germa 66, who are on the verge of defeat, decided to retreat. Jinbe may have been in a perfect shape to fight, but it remains questionable if he has the capability to match the power of the lady Yonkou. Big Mom asked Jinbe and other Fishmen, “life or death?”

One Piece Chapter 902 also featured how Sanji learned about the death of Pedro. Black Leg was shocked to know that the jaguar mink sacrificed himself to let them escape. Sanji must be blaming himself for what happened to their friend. The upcoming chapter of One Piece will also show a flashback of Sanji and Lady Pudding.

Recalling before they parted ways, Lady Pudding was caught whispering something to Sanji. It was revealed that she actually kissed the Strawhat Pirates cook, but Sanji no longer remembers anything since Pudding used her power to delete his memory.

The end of One Piece Chapter 902 focused on Baratie with Owner Zeff feeding the enemies despite the disapproval of other cooks. While Owner Zeff is bringing the plates to the strangers, Sanji is also doing the same thing to his friends in the Thousand Sunny. Owner Zeff and Sanji share the same attitude when it comes to hungry customers. This is proven by Sanji’s decision to make the delicious wedding cake to stop Big Mom from her tantrums.

One Piece Chapter 902 will mark the end of the Whole Cake Island Arc. As the spoiler revealed, the cover page of the next release will be about the next arc. Most people believe that the next arc will be the Wano Arc, while there is a chance that it will feature a brief arc about the Reverie.

One Piece Chapter 902 will be coming out soon.