Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ TV Series Reunites ‘Superbad’ Co-Stars Emma Stone And Jonah Hill

John SciulliGetty Images

Netflix has just recently announced a brand new television series, titled Maniac, which will star Superbad actors Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. The strange new television series, labeled as a dark comedy television show, is written by 24: Live Another Day scribe Patrick Somerville and helmed by True Detective director Cary Fukunaga. As reported by IGN, Hill and Stone will be working alongside a number of veteran actors, including Justin Theroux and Sally Field.

There is currently not a lot of information regarding the upcoming television series’ plot. However, the show is partially based on a Norwegian television series of the same name that was released in 2014, which means that the new show may be showcasing the same basic storyline. The Norwegian web series, which starred comedian Espen Lervaag, followed the imaginary life of a patient in a mental asylum.

The patient in the original show imagined himself living different lives in a fantasy world that he had created in his mind. In his world, the patient is portraying himself as the hero living different personas, which includes him being a football star, a wealthy business mogul, a war hero, or even a secret agent. The show basically lets the audience ask themselves whether they would prefer an imaginary life of fantasy or an ordinary life in the real world where things and people actually mattered.


As reported by Vulture, Netflix has released a series of images for Maniac, which reveals that the remake’s plot may not necessarily be following the show it has been based on. The company has also published a short description for the remake, which reveals that the series will revolve around two strangers who are taking part in a botched pharmaceutical trial. The photos also reveal that fans could be in for a psychedelic experience as evident in the series’ colorful sets and funky theme.

While the topic of narcotics and mental health may be taboo, Stone and Hill will undoubtedly inject their own comedic talents into the new series. With Fukunaga’s experience in directly critically acclaimed television shows, such as Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation, the show is likely going to be a hit for comedy and psychological television show fans. Netflix has not yet announced when the show will premiere, but it is expected to be coming out sometime this year.