Taylor Swift’s Stalker Released, Armed ‘Obsessed Fan’ Was Arrested Outside Singer’s Beverly Hills Home

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Taylor Swift currently has a throng of fans following her every move, but one “obsessed fan” apparently was not satisfied with just getting her autograph. While this has become a common occurrence for celebrities, Swift may have to beef up her security this time around as one of her latest stalkers has reportedly just been released from custody.

According to TMZ, a man was previously apprehended just outside the 28-year-old singer’s Beverly Hills mansion. The man was reportedly lingering outside the property, which prompted Swift’s security personnel to call the police. The suspect was reportedly driving and loitering outside the mansion, which is located between Benedict Canyon and Beverly drive near Sunset Boulevard. Authorities arrived at the mansion and confronted the suspect at around 2:40 p.m. Saturday.

The man was identified as one Julius Sandrock, a 38-year-old resident of Broomfield, Colorado. Sandrock reportedly told officers that he drove all the way from Colorado just to meet the singer. Upon further investigation, officers finally decided that they had probable cause to arrest the man for felony stalking. As reported by the Los Angeles Daily News, officers found some very incriminating items inside the suspect’s car, which included an empty gun holster, a knife, black rope, live ammunition, and a mask. Sandrock also admitted to officers that he currently owns three handguns and that he is currently on probation in Colorado for illegally discharging one of his firearms.


Authorities also found several documents that revealed that the man has been visiting a psychologist for several mental health conditions. Perscription medication, such as oxycodone, were also found inside Sandrock’s vehicle. According to the documents, Sandrock is apparently suffering from bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and manic episodes.

It wasn’t immediately clear what Sandrock’s intentions were and what he was going to be using the items for, but officers were reportedly convinced that arresting him was the best course of action during that time. Swift was reportedly not at home during the time of the arrest.

Sandrock was booked on suspicion of felony stalking with a bail set for $150,000. Authorities are still conducting an investigation into the matter and they will reportedly still be monitoring Sandrock’s activities. Beverly Hills PD also filed a temporary firearms restraining order against the suspect, which was just approved and granted by the court.