‘Dark’ Season 2: First Look Images And Confirmation Of Production Start Date


SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about Season 1 of Netflix’s Dark. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed Season 1 and wish to avoid spoilers.

Netflix’s Dark was an unexpected hit for the streaming giant. The German-language series appeared on Netflix and appealed to fans of similar dark and eerie series such as Stranger Things and Hotel Beau Sejour. Dark is set in a small town and has an atmospheric darkness, but that is where the comparisons end for Stranger Things and Hotel Beau Sejour. While children go missing, like in Stranger Things, Dark‘s 10-part first season branched off fairly quickly to become it’s very own entity. Luckily, viewers were already enchanted and stayed around to find out what happened.

As Digital Spy points out, Season 2 of Dark has already been commissioned by Netflix. But, little was known about the premise for the upcoming season. However, now Netflix has released a couple of images for Season 2 of Dark that has fans excited.

The first image shows Jonas Kahnwald, played by Louis Hofmann, wearing a yellow bandana over his mouth. It appears that things are just as bleak as they were in the Season 1 finale of Dark.

Netflix's 'Dark,' Season 2, Jonas Kahnwald
Featured image credit: Netflix

As viewers discovered in the Season 1 finale of Dark, Jonas ended up in a post-apocalyptic version of Winden set in the year 2052. It is here that he met a strange group of people. While there is no explanation at who this group is in the following image, it seems this post-apocalyptic landscape of Dark will be explored further moving forward into Season 2 as is also shown in the second image.

Netflix's 'Dark,' Season 2, post-apocalyptic world
Featured image credit: Netflix

Netflix also confirmed in their press release that Season 2 of Dark will begin production in and around Berlin on June 25. Season 2 will run for eight episodes.

Season 1 of Dark is currently streaming on Netflix. As yet, no official premiere date has been announced for Season 2.