‘My 600-LB Life’ Bettie Jo Elmore Update: See Weight-Loss Photos, Baby Pictures After Mom’s Dramatic Changes


My 600-LB Life re-visited Bettie Jo Elmore in its episode this week, giving an update of her life after appearing on the show — with milestones of huge weight loss and a new member in the family.

Now, fans can find weight-loss pictures from Bettie Jo’s dramatic turnaround and pictures of her new baby as well. Bettie Jo reached more than 650 pounds at her heaviest, but was able to drop more than 200 pounds through a combination of weight-loss surgery, diet, and exercise. As InTouch Weekly noted, Bettie Jo was able to start a family, but it came with plenty of complications.

The report noted that Elmore had a bone mass on her spine during her pregnancy, requiring immediate medical attention and leaving her feeling quite anxious.

“It’s been a really hard couple of weeks. I went to the emergency room because I was sick, and my stomach was hurting,” Bettie Jo said in an update from My 600-LB Life.

“I’m already a high-risk pregnancy, so a lot of things could go wrong,” she said. “Having a baby is a dream come true, but I need to be able to take care of that baby. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t know how I’m going to make this decision.”

Despite the complications, Bettie Jo was able to give birth to her son, and later shared some pictures of him on her Facebook page. But not long after he was born, Bettie Jo ran into some difficulties with her weight-loss journey. She took to her page to tell followers that she reached a “standstill” after Preston’s birth, not gaining weight but fluctuating within five pounds up or down.

Bettie Jo had other struggles as well, dealing with post-partum depression and difficulties in her relationship. She remained hopeful, however, and many fans left encouraging messages to remind Bettie Jo of how far she had made it since first appearing on My 600-LB Life. During her initial appearance on the show, Bettie Jo had expressed her hope to start a family one day, but needed to first lose a significant amount of weight to be healthy enough to carry a baby.


Even with the difficulties, Bettie Jo Elmore had plenty of weight-loss pictures to share as well. She chronicled her life as a new mom on her Facebook page, sharing pictures that showcased a frame changed dramatically since she was first featured on My 600-LB Life.