Roseanne Barr Demanding $1 Million Per Episode Of Revival, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Jordan StraussAP Images

Roseanne Barr is reportedly looking to take advantage of the success of her TV revival. Fans are loving the show’s comeback, and ratings have been through the roof since the Conner family has officially returned to television.

According to an April 18 report by Radar Online, Roseanne Barr allegedly never thought the revival would be such a huge hit, and now she wants a big payday. Sources claim that Barr is demanding $1 million per episode of the television series.

The insider goes on to say that Barr “wasn’t particularly excited” about the Roseanne revival. The source also claims that if Sara Gilbert, who plays Roseanne’s daughter Darlene Conner on the show, wouldn’t have put the entire revival together, Barr would have been “happy at home tweeting from the comfort of her couch.”

At the beginning of the Roseanne revival, it’s revealed that nobody was making a lot of money, and that the budget was being kept “super tight.” However, things have changed now that the show is a very big hit.


Recently, fans were thrilled to see Johnny Galecki back on the Roseanne revival. Galecki returned to the show as the character of Darlene’s husband, David Healey, and even shared a tearful scene with Barr. It was revealed that David had a hard time being a husband and a father, especially after his brother Mark had died. David then left his family responsibilities behind to join a charity group who traveled the world in order to build houses for the less fortunate.

During the episode, Darlene and David’s story took a surprising turn when David revealed that he had a new girlfriend and asked Darlene for a divorce. However, Darlene seemingly didn’t want to officially end the marriage, and the two ended up in bed together. Later, they decided to get back together, but after speaking to Roseanne and Becky, Darlene realized that it would be a bad idea. Darlene then told David the bad news, and asked him to work on being a better father, which he promised to do. Fans are now hoping that Johnny Galecki will return for more episodes next season with Roseanne Barr and the rest of the cast.

Roseanne currently airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.