Cat Walks 12 Miles To Reunite With Family, And They Asked A Shelter To Euthanize Him


Toby the cat is the subject of a story that is one of those things that may end up being made into a movie one day, but it’s certainly going to have a lot of twists. Toby was given to a family by his original family, but he missed them to the point that he decided to walk 12 miles back to find them. That is a tremendous feat and something that is hard to believe, but the next part of the story is even harder to take in. Upon arriving home, his original family took him to a shelter to have him euthanized.

Yes, they wanted to get rid of him again after his return, but in a much worse way.

According to Wave 3, 7-year-old Toby simply wasn’t thrilled with his new home and it led him on a journey to find his old family. That journey consisted of 12 miles and having to find his way back, but he was able to do just that in a rather miraculous venture that reunited his family with him.

Unfortunately, the family he loved so much did not want him and took him to a shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina, and asked them to euthanize Toby. The shelter did take in Toby, but they were not planning on fulfilling the wishes of the family who no longer wanted him.

After choosing not to euthanize the cat, the shelter called the SPCA of Wake County and asked them to come pick him up. They did just that and put Toby up for adoption so that he could find another family who would care for him, connect with him, and love him.

The SPCA and the shelter did not release the name of the family who abandoned Toby and tried to have him euthanized, but that didn’t stop others from sharing their opinions. Comments on the official Facebook page of the SPCA of Wake County were compassionate for Toby but filled with venom for his former owners.

For those wondering, this story does have a happy ending as Toby has been adopted and he has three new siblings to love him. Two of those siblings are human and one is another cat, but the ideal thing here is that the family loves him and they have proven it by giving Toby the cat his own Instagram account.

If you want to see more of the lovable feline, there are more pics on his Instagram account called “” and it is growing very quickly.

Toby was actually adopted on Friday the 13th of this month which happened to be the birthday of one of his new aunts.

Some people may find every single thing about this story hard to believe, and it’s not difficult for everyone else to see the same. Toby the cat loved his family so much that walking 12 miles to reunite with them seemed like a simple and small task. Unfortunately, they still wanted nothing to do with him and thought that bringing him to a shelter to be euthanized was the only answer. Fortunately for Toby and his new family, the shelter and the SPCA thought differently and turned this happy/sad tale into a great one.