McDonald's Restaurant Brawl Caught On Cell Phone Video

In yet another fast-food fight, a brawl erupted at a McDonald's outlet in Iowa City, Iowa, between two women, a customer and an employee. The disturbing encounter was recorded on cell phone video apparently by witnesses who happened to be in the restaurant at the time.

The violent incident occurred over the weekend at a local McDonald's, according to Iowa City radio station KRNA. In the primary video which is less than 30 seconds embedded below, one of the women appears to throw a cup of soda at the other. Fists then began flying. One of those involved -- possibly the McDonald's employee -- receives the majority of the blows after she winds up on the floor.

The details are sketchy, so it is unclear what specifically prompted the physical altercation (this story will be updated if additional information emerges).

Typically, in escalating confrontations of this nature, however, an argument can start over the accuracy of a food order or how long it takes to be completed, or even both. A desire for sold-out items can sometimes also create heartburn, as it were.

In another McDonald's incident that took place recently in Jacksonville, Florida, a female customer allegedly threw a cup of coffee or soda at a worker, at which point the employee -- possibly the manager -- came from behind the counter and allegedly slapped the customer in the face. Oddly perhaps, the woman who received the slap nonetheless stayed in the queue to place her order.

Evidently, there was no police involvement in either McDonald's incident.

AP Images | Alan Diaz

The owner of McDonald's of North Florida issued a statement about the showdown, ActionNews Jax explained.

"I do not condone the behavior depicted in this video. We are currently investigating this matter."
As alluded to above, scuffles of this kind are hardly unique to any one particular fast-food franchise. Earlier this month, for example, a dinner-time dispute of some kind developed between an employee and the store manager behind the counter at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wendy's restaurant, which led to a brawl that involved about a dozen or more participants, including apparently both men and women, at least some of whom were also Wendy's workers. Other patrons may have also gotten into the fracas.

Last week, four women in two separate cars got into a brawl at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A drive-thru, one of whom allegedly brandished a handgun at another female and pointed it at her forehead.

Such incidents continue to raise the fundamental question as to whether this kind of misbehavior is occurring with more frequency and intensity across America or, in the alternative, we just find out about it more often by way of the pervasiveness of smart phones and the immediacy of social media access.

Watch two video clips via Twitter of the McDonald's fight that is purported to have transpired in Iowa City, Iowa, below.