Bravo Attempted To Have ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel #MeToo Interview Pulled

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In light of the Fitsnews story which broke this week about an alleged sexual assault settlement concerning Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel, an interview from December conducted by Charleston journalist Quintin Washington is quite curious, as it has Ravenel giving his thoughts on the #MeToo movement. But reportedly soon after the Thomas Ravenel interview, in which he also talks about men who settle sexual harassment claims, was posted, a rep from Bravo, which airs Southern Charm, asked for the interview to be pulled.

Thomas Ravenel Thinks #MeToo Is Just Another Media Fad

In the interview, Fitsnews says that Quintin Washington asked Thomas Ravenel about his thoughts on the #MeToo movement that ended the careers of Matt Lauer, Senator Al Franken, and Kevin Spacey. Ravenel seemed to think it was a passing fad, and that perhaps some of the offenders don’t know they are doing anything wrong.

“I feel that it’s kind of like the issue du jour – you know, the issue of the day. There are a lot of things that people, they observe, you know … they’re not naturally bad people but they see certain behaviors, maybe they learned it from their parents or from their friends, and they think ‘okay that’s acceptable – that’s funny’ and they may emulate that behavior not realizing that’s sexual assault. I think there’s an educational transition period where a lot of things are just not acceptable and people of good intent and goodwill are getting caught in this transition period.”

But as the Quintin Washington interview with Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel continued, the topic of financial settlements for sexual assault cases came up, and Ravenel weighed in suggesting that it might be easier in some situations just to pay someone off to avoid a scandal.

“You hear about these secret, um, settlements you know … some woman may come out and say ‘hey, you made an unwarranted advance.’ And they guy may say ‘well I didn’t really do anything, you know, I didn’t do anything untoward however I will pay you to make it so – so you don’t make an allegation.’ Just the mere hint of an allegation could destroy someone.”

Ravenel Discussed Settling Sexual Harassment Matters With Financial Settlements

This comment is now more interesting given that a story has surfaced that Ravenel allegedly paid a woman who accused him of sexual assault $200k to stay quiet about the matter and she perhaps isn’t the only one. In the 44-minute interview, Ravenel stepped on several possible landmines.

But Thomas Ravenel added that as a gentleman, he wouldn’t find himself in that position, because as a wealthy man, he is already a target.

“I’m not going to put myself in a position where I can, you know, be extorted money by a bunch of trial lawyers. Or, first of all, I’m not going to be ungentlemanly toward a woman.”


Quintin Washington Was Asked By Bravo To Pull The Ravenel Interview

But less than 24 hours after Quintin Washington posted his interview with Ravenel, Amanda Long from Bravo called Washington to ask him to pull the video, initially claiming that Washington had not gone through Bravo to make the arrangements.

“You need to go through the Bravo press team if you are interested in speaking with any of our talent. Is it possible to pull this interview down until closer to the season? It reveals information about the upcoming season.”

Quintin Washington told Long he would not be removing the video from YouTube.

“Are you serious? I am not under any agreement with Bravo. Thomas Ravenel is. That is something you need to take up with Mr. Ravenel.”

It is unclear why Bravo wanted the interview removed, and if they would have been okay with it running during the season, but this isn’t the first time Thomas Ravenel has given an awkward interview regarding Southern Charm to Quintin Washington. In 2016, Ravenel talked to Washington about drug use and his past and current legal woes.