Bernie Sanders Says ‘Cardi B Is Right’ On Social Security

Win McNameeGetty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) found himself agreeing with a rather unexpected ally on Wednesday when he tweeted that he agrees with Rapper Cardi B’s stance on Social Security.

Recently, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper appeared in a GQ profile where she praised President Roosevelt and his policies. In fact, she pointed out that Roosevelt is the OG MAGA (Make America Great Again). Because of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies, the United States has programs like Social Security, which provides an income for seniors once they reach retirement age and retire.

HuffPost reported that Sanders agrees with the rapper’s words and sent out a tweet urging the government to strengthen Social Security to provide security to senior citizens when they retire after a lifetime of working and paying into the system.

A long-time supporter of the program, just last year Sanders introduced a bill that would’ve resulted in high-income earners paying more into social security. For 2017, the maximum taxable earnings cutoff for paying into Social Security is the first $127,200 in income.

While this may seem like an odd political pairing, it’s undoubtedly not Senator Sanders’ first brush with agreeing with rappers. In 2016, he agreed with Jay-Z’s call to end the war on drugs, according to a CNN report. Plus, during Sanders’ 2016 campaign for president, he introduced rapper Killer Mike at Coachella.


As for Cardi B, earlier this year she went on an infamous rant about how much she pays in taxes. In fact, Complex reported that she wants receipts for what the government does with her tax money. The rapper claims she paid 40 percent in taxes, which she’d like to receive updates about similarly to if she sent that money to a charity and received updates on how the charity spent her contribution.

Some people certainly hope to see Sanders run for president again in 2020, but so far, he has not made an official announcement. Perhaps his tweets indicate he plans to do something regarding a possible bid for the highest office in the land sometime in the near future.

However, no matter what ends up happening with Sanders’ political career, or if Cardi B becomes a political pundit, it is a good sign to see so many people interested and knowledgeable about the political system in the U.S.