Jessa Duggar Comment Sparks Speculation That She’s Pregnant On ‘Counting On’ Facebook Page

Jessa SeewaldInstagram

Jessa Duggar recently joined her sister Jinger to talk about the latter’s big reveal that she’s expecting a baby girl, and some Counting On fans think that she slipped up and accidentally revealed that she’s also pregnant.

On Tuesday, TLC shared a new video starring Jessa and Jinger Duggar on the Counting On Facebook page. In it, Jessa talks about how she reacted when she learned that Jinger had broken the Duggar family’s recent streak of baby boys. The last three children born into the 19 Kids and Counting family have all been male, and Jinger will be the first of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters to give birth to a baby girl. Jessa said that she originally guessed that Jinger was pregnant with a boy, and she was shocked when she learned that this guess was incorrect.

At her “gender reveal” party, Jinger Duggar stood beside a neon sign with the word “Baby” on it. Her guests were told that it would light up pink if she as pregnant with a girl and blue if she was expecting a boy.

“I was just sure it was a boy,” Jessa said. “So when I saw that sign come on pink, I screamed so loud.”

Jessa also revealed that her younger sister has been consulting her about some of her pregnancy experiences. The mother of two has been reassuring Jinger that these changes are “completely normal” and telling her to enjoy eating for two while she can.

Near the end of the video, Jessa made a comment that made fans suspect that she’s also expecting.

“When we talk, it’s just so fun to compare that we’re experiencing in pregnancy,” Jessa said. “See what things are similar, see what things are different.”

Fans on the Counting On Facebook page were quick to notice that Jessa Duggar used the present tense when referencing her pregnancy experiences.

“I guess I am not the only one who caught Jessa not speaking about being pregnant in past tense,” wrote one commenter.

“The way she said ‘it’s so much fun to compare our experiences in pregnancy.’ Sounds like she’s pregnant, plus we don’t see her from the waist down in this video,” another remarked.

It’s possible that Jessa Duggar simply misspoke. Last month, a rep for the Counting On star told E! News that she was not expecting her third child. It was unusual for a spokesperson for the family to do this. Rumors about the Duggar girls being pregnant constantly circulate on the web, and the Duggars’ typical response is to simply ignore them.

Sometimes the Duggars don’t immediately share big family news with their fans because they’re waiting for an opportune moment to do so. They’ll sometimes announce pregnancies, engagements, and new courtships on the same day that a particular episode of their TLC reality series airs, turning their happy news into a free promo for the show. So could Jessa be hiding a pregnancy for this purpose?

As reported by People, Counting On will return sometime this summer, and a sneak peek of the season does show Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, talking about the possibility of having a third child. Fans will just have to wait and see if the couple breaks some more big Duggar baby news when the season premiere airs.