Serena Williams Flaunts Body In Bathing Suit Seven Months After Giving Birth

Heather Tooley

Serena Williams flaunted her body in a bathing suit seven months after giving birth to her first baby. The tennis sensation shared two photos of her in a one-piece swimsuit to Instagram on Wednesday, which showcased her incredible physique. She stood in front of a mirror with her hand on her hip while standing in a confident pose. Scenic tropical water was seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows behind her.

Williams posted the first photo with no caption whatsoever, letting the image do the talking.

The Daily Mail reports that Serena posted a similar photo on Friday of the sports star in a swimsuit. She's standing farther from the mirror with furniture and other room furnishings visible.

"I'm not perfect. But I'm perfectly Serena. #beingserena @hbo," Williams captioned the image.

Serena was referring to her upcoming documentary on the HBO channel, which delves into Serena's personal and professional life. The wide-ranging documentary will reveal more about one of the world's top athletes.

Lighting in the photos is rather dark since Serena posed with the sun shining behind her. The swimwear appears to be black, but it's unclear what the true tone of it is. The 36-year-old's toned thighs and curvaceous figure were on display in the high-cut bathing suit. Her perfect spiraled curls fell down her back.

Serena posted another photo last week of herself in a white halter neck-style swimsuit or top while posing with daughter Alexis Olympia. The mother-and-daughter duo is in a shallow pool as Serena sits on the edge and holds her daughter in front of her.

Being Serena premieres May 2 on HBO.