The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Are Hated By Their Neighbors, Per ‘In Touch Weekly’

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For many people, it’s a dream come true to live next door to celebrities — but that’s not the case with the neighbors of the Alaskan Bush People, aka the Brown family of Alaska.

As fans of the show undoubtedly know, by now, the family first got its start from living in the so-called “bush” of Alaska, before moving to Los Angeles to get matriarch Ami Brown some much-needed treatment for her advanced stages of cancer.

Now, however, Ami’s cancer is in remission, and the family has moved from the big city of Los Angeles to a small town called Omak, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.

And, according to In Touch Weekly, their neighbors are less than thrilled about having to live next to the stars of Alaskan Bush People.

One local went running to the outlet and gave a great deal of detail as to why they didn’t want “those types of people” in their neighborhood.

“Omak is a small conservative town. We’re not like Hollywood and we don’t like strangers running around. We’re old-school. We can’t tolerate having them in our town. They’re guarded by the film crew. We’re all sick of the whole thing.”

Sounds like their neighbors are quite delightful, doesn’t it?

What’s worse, the neighbors don’t just keep an eye on the Alaskan Bush People while they’re filming — they keep an eye on them while they’re out and about in town, too.

For example, Rain and Gabe Brown recently went to the Walmart in town together. They were joking and playing with each other, much like they do on the show, but according to the neighbor, something seemed “off.”

“They seemed like they were trying to be happy. It looked like something might have been bothering them.”

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Now, it could be that they were nervous about being in a new town and felt uncomfortable, and thus, needed to comfort each other. Or, it could be that they were wary of being filmed by the cameras that constantly followed them. Or, it could be that they know that the neighbors don’t like them, and they’re wary about how they act around them, lest they are judged for it.

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Whatever the case, the Brown family is currently filming for yet another season of Alaskan Bush People.