Gigi Hadid Wears A Tiny Nude Top And Shows Off Her Small Waist At Coachella

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Gigi Hadid is busy living it up and looking good at Coachella. In a recent Instagram post that’s inspiring envy among her 39 million followers, the model revealed that she got to watch Cardi B perform at the festival, and she had time to grab a hot dog before the show. She also managed to pull off a revealing outfit that was the perfect marriage of style and comfort.

While Gigi Hadid was waiting for Cardi B to take the stage at Coachella, she shared an Instagram snapshot of her festival look. In the image, Gigi is rocking a pair of high-waisted cropped jeans and a tiny nude crop-top, which InStyle has identified as an $80 Siempre Golden Pali Top. Her pants are rolled up at the bottom, and she’s wearing a pair of comfortable black trainers on her feet. According to Footwear News, her shoes are Acne Studios Manhattan sneakers. Her accessories include numerous thin gold chains around her neck, a body chain, colorful fabric bracelets, and a snakeskin belt that accentuates her wasp-thin waist.

“Pre-cardi lunchin,” Gigi captioned her photo.

Gigi Hadid clearly is no diva; she had no problem sitting down on the grass and eating her lunch off the ground. Her meal included a hot dog smothered with mustard and ketchup, which she washed down with a cup of lemonade. So far, the photo has garnered 3.5 million likes.

Gigi’s unique ability to eat junk food and maintain such a slim physique might make many women jealous. However, the in-demand 22-year-old who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue recently admitted that she doesn’t like the way her body currently looks. Her close friend Blake Lively interviewed her for the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and the gal pals’ lighthearted gab eventually turned into a more serious conversation about the pressure on models to look a certain way.

According to Gigi Hadid, it wasn’t the modeling industry’s emphasis on thinness that was making her feel insecure; it was her fans’ accusations that she “gave in” to what the industry wants by losing weight. However, she explained that she’s not thinner now because she wants to be. Gigi suffers from an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s disease, and she’s had to alter her diet because of it.

Gigi confessed that she misses her curves. However, she also had a body-positive message to share for young women of all shapes and sizes.

“If I could choose, I would have my a** back and I would have the t*ts I had a few years ago,” Gigi said. “But, honestly, we can’t look back with regret. I loved my body then, and I love my body now. Whoever is reading this, I want you to realize that three years from now you will look back at a picture from this time period and be like: ‘Wow, I was so hot. Why did I feel so bad about myself because of some stupid thing someone said?'”