‘Deadliest Catch’ Finds Sig Hansen Furious At Jake Anderson, Who Is Partnering Up With Captain Keith

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

On an episode that could be subtitled “The Real Captains of the Bering Sea,” the stress of finding crab, and dealing with the dangers of the deadliest job in the world, Captain Sig Hansen has had enough of his former protege, F/V Saga captain Jake Anderson. According to Fox News, on the second episode of Season 14 called “First Blood,” the captains find that their “loyalties were tested.”

Last week, F/V Saga captain Jake Anderson began partnering up with Captain Keith, ignoring his former mentor Sig’s offer of great fishing.

This week, the F/V Northwestern was pulling up an average of 85 crabs per pot, making the crew happy. Yet, Captain Sig didn’t want the other members of the fleet to get in on the good fishing, so he steered the boat west, where he believed the “crab to be heading.”

He passes by Captain Jake’s boat, Sig radios him, but there is silence.

Sig becomes visibly furious, puffing away at a cigarette, swearing and calling his former deckhand “two-faced.”

Meanwhile, Jake, who remained radio silent with Sig per the F/V Wizard captain’s orders, sat around waiting idly for Keith Colburn, thinking that this was all some sort of nasty prank by the senior captain.

Yet, according to Monsters and Critics, soon all is good again, as Keith shows up and gives Jake the “coordinates in code.”

Yet, there seemed to be a lot of confusion. Soon, Captain Keith discovers that the junior captain is clueless. He doesn’t understand the secret code Keith gave him. The experienced captain is just beginning to realize that Jake needs some on-the-job training, and he is clearly the teacher.

“We’re talking crab fishing one… Not even 101.”

Pretty soon, Sig sees where Jake’s boat is and starts to put two and two together, and believes he knows what is really going on. The surly captain thinks that Jake and Keith must be working together.

“I don’t know if they’re working together but it makes me nervous.”

Sig contacts Keith to get the scoop, but Colburn “laughs it off” and doesn’t reveal anything.

But Sig knows what is going down, and he isn’t happy. Speaking to the cameras, he really lays into Jake Anderson, the kid who grew up on the F/V Northwestern.

“He’s really not that smart, he’s not.”

Meanwhile, Jake is pulling up pots that were soaking for 16 hours, and there are only small crabs that he has to throw back. Always assuming that he is the butt of a joke, Jake thinks that Keith has pulled a fast one on him, but Keith assures him that he needs to let the pots soak longer.


In the end, the captain of the F/V Wizard was totally right, and the F/V Saga crew is thrilled.

Meanwhile, there appears to be mutiny on the F/V Northwestern. Finding nothing in the pots, the crew has turned on Captain Sig because he left good fishing for empty pots. The show ends with Sig feeling the tension of the rivalry with Jake, which may last all season.