Best Horror Movies 2018: First Cut Of ‘Halloween’ (2018) Praised By Producer Jason Blum

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The 2018 Halloween sequel is expected to be one of the best horror movies of 2018 (and possibly the past several years). Unlike the 1978 original that received rave reviews, the subsequent Halloween movies largely received negative reviews from both critics and audiences alike. So, when it was announced that a new sequel was going to be made, and that John Carpenter himself was going to be an executive producer, fans went nuts! Set to be released on October 19, 2018, the newest Halloween movie will take place directly after the original ignoring all other sequels in the franchise (a smart move considering how unpopular the Halloween sequels are).

Halloween is considered one of the all-time best horror movies, and none of the sequels — 10 Halloween movies have been made, and two of them were remakes by Rob Zombie — came close to instilling fear like the original did. But as Variety reported in 2016, John Carpenter is determined for the 2018 Halloween to be the scariest of them all. A Halloween film scarier than the original is hard to imagine, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s John Carpenter and his fellow filmmakers.

Halloween (2018) is directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & Down) who co-wrote the screenplay alongside Danny McBride (Pineapple Express). Though Green and McBride are perhaps best known for their comedic work, both artists are longtime fans of the Halloween movies. McBride is no stranger to horror as the actor co-starred in one of the most popular horror movies of 2017, Alien: Covenant.

The new Halloween movie features Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprising their ’78 roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. In February 2018, Curtis confirmed via Instagram and Twitter that Halloween had wrapped, and now just two months later it looks like the editing for the first cut was a huge success.

As Digital Spy reported, Halloween (2018) producer Jason Blum was thrilled with the first cut. The producer stated that he thinks David Gordon Green did a terrific job and went on to express his excitement about the newest addition to the famed horror movie franchise.

“He [Green] did everything I hoped he would do which is respect the DNA of the franchise and bring something totally new to it and we’re really very very excited for people to see it.”

With a stellar cast and crew, including John Carpenter, Halloween is likely to be one of the most popular horror movies of 2018.