‘Roseanne’ Star Sara Gilbert Reveals How She Named Her TV Son With Johnny Galecki

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Roseanne fans are still learning the backstory of Darlene Conner and David Healy’s doomed marriage and David’s relationship with their two kids, Harris and Mark. When the original Roseanne series signed off in 1997, David and Darlene had just welcomed their first baby, a daughter they named Harris.

Twenty-one years later, Harris (played by Emma Kenney) is only 14-years-old, and she has a younger brother, Mark (Ames McNamara). Now, Roseanne star Sara Gilbert is revealing how she and her TV husband (Johnny Galecki) named their son on the ABC reboot.

During a segment on the CBS daytime show The Talk, Sara Gilbert explained that when the Roseanne reboot was first announced, she and Johnny Galecki decided to name their fictional son. Sara Gilbert serves as an executive producer on the Roseanne revival, so she was able to give input on the name for her character’s son.

Gilbert told her Talk co-stars, “Back in June, for Roseanne — I have a son on the show — and I had to name my son. So I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve got to reach out to Johnny Galecki because this is our kid together.’ So I texted him, ‘What do you think we named our baby boy?’ and then I said, ‘Oh, maybe Mark,’ because Mark was played by Glenn Quinn, he was his brother on his show who passed away.”

The Roseanne star also posted the text exchange she and Galecki had about the name for their TV son, whom they decided to name after their late co-star Glenn Quinn’s character.


Darlene and David clearly like to use family names for their offspring. Harris, the fictional Roseanne couple’s daughter, was named after the women of the Harris-Conner family.


In the “Miracle” episode from Season 9 of Roseanne, the Conner family women — Roseanne, Becky, Darlene, Jackie, and grandma Beverly — all gathered in the hospital after Darlene and David’s daughter was born prematurely.

In a poignant Roseanne moment, Darlene told her struggling baby, “We really want you to stay with us. I mean, we’ve got all the generations of women in the family here.”

That’s when she decided to name her daughter after her female support system, telling her newborn daughter, “I just thought of what your name should be: Harris Conner Healy.”

Roseanne fans know that Harris is Roseanne’s maiden name and also the last name of her sister, Jackie, and her mother, Beverly.

You can see Sara Gilbert talking about how she named her Roseanne son with Johnny Galecki in the video below.

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