‘Little Couple’ Updates: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Share Scoop On Their Anniversary, Kids, Work, And Texas Home

Jordan StraussDiscovery Communications via AP Images

Fans of Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are anxious to get news regarding new episodes of The Little Couple on TLC, but there haven’t been any updates on that front for a while. Luckily, Jen and Bill do share plenty of personal updates on their lives with children Will and Zoey via their social media pages, and it looks like they’ve had a lot going on lately.

As Little Couple viewers know, Jen, Bill, and the kids moved from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, last summer. Unfortunately, it seems that their beautiful Texan home is still on the market. Arnold and Klein renovated the home before listing it to make it move-in ready for families of typical height, and the price was recently reduced to try to spark fresh traffic.

Despite still owning a home in Texas, the Little Couple family has settled into their new home in Florida quite well at this point. They celebrated Will’s latest birthday at Legoland, and the family just went through their first Florida tornado warning since moving to St. Petersburg. The kids keep busy with trips to the aquarium, days at school, and plenty of time at the beach and both Jen and Bill have been busy with career-related developments as well.

Arnold is back in the NICU again, and Klein recently developed an Apple application named Borebu with his brothers. In addition to their work-related projects, the Little Couple stars recently celebrated a big anniversary. Jen and Bill got married 10 years ago and both shared sweet sentiments about their anniversary on social media.

A lawsuit involving LMNO Productions and Discovery was recently resolved, and these legal issues were central to why The Little Couple has spent so much time on hiatus the past couple of years. TLC has yet to formally announce anything regarding a return with new episodes, but it seems that the family has been filming over the past months in anticipation of a new season. It is clear that there is plenty of good stuff for fans to catch up on once Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey return, and the family’s supporters hope that a fresh Little Couple season is right around the corner.