Matt Lauer ‘Planning His Comeback’: Former ‘Today’ Host Seen In Manhattan, Reports ‘Vanity Fair’

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Matt Lauer is “planning his comeback,” claims Vanity Fair. The former Today show host was recently seen dining with Mitch Modell of Modell’s Sporting Goods in a ritzy Manhattan eatery after months of hiding in the Hamptons. He was apparently seen at the same restaurant as Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The publication believes that now he has left the privacy of the Hamptons, that Lauer is planning to revive his career.

With his marriage to former Victoria’s Secret catalog model Annette Roque reportedly over, Page Six reports that Lauer’s friends share that he is “ready to restart his life.”

“Lauer is said to be testing the waters for a public comeback by coming out of hiding from his Hamptons home. With his marriage to Annette Roque now over, he’s ready to restart his life, pals say.”

Just as they reported on Monday, Page Six has long published insights from unidentified insiders that Matt Lauer is staging a comeback. The details of a possible comeback has come in all forms, including Lauer writing a tell-all book to the former Today host allegedly creating a production company on the West Coast.

Yet, in contrast, his former Today colleagues have not confirmed any sort of Matt Lauer comeback.

Lauer’s former Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie, along with his replacement, Hoda Kotb, recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what Lauer was doing now, as both continue to keep in touch with their former colleague.

When asked whether Lauer was staging a comeback, Guthrie confessed that she had “no idea” whether this was in his plans. She advised ET that Lauer was “focused on family right now.”

Kotb agreed with Guthrie, stating that she thought his family was his focus. She also stated that she thought work was not on the “forefront of his mind.”

Based on what both women revealed, it does not appear that Matt Lauer discussed his career with either woman. This could also mean they were not privy to this information or it could mean that he has no plans for a comeback in the first place.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, both women have been very open about staying in touch with their former colleague, despite the “complex” situation they find themselves in.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie have admitted that Lauer has been a good friend, yet they cannot ignore the shocking allegations made by their junior colleagues that ultimately led to his firing.

Now that his marriage to Annette Roque is reportedly over — Lauer has reportedly moved out of the family home — he may not get the opportunity to dedicate his time to this family. He may decide he wants to work.

Since his November firing, Lauer has been living quietly in the Hamptons, with very little news from the disgraced former morning show host. Most of his current news has to do with real estate. He recently listed his luxurious Manhattan apartment, yet for over a year, he has been trying to sell one of his luxurious Hamptons homes with no luck.

Could Matt Lauer be staging a comeback? As of now, there is no confirmation on whether he will or he will not, as clearly, he is not saying anything to his former colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.