Scientist Proposes To Girlfriend With Amazing Time-Lapse Northern Lights Result

Your engagement proposal might have been cool, but you probably didn’t capture it on video the way neuroscientist Alex Rivest captured his proposal.

Rivest captured the Northern Lights over several nights in September 2012 and then proposed to his girlfriend.

In his video caption, he wrote:

“On a trip to Iceland I asked my girlfriend to marry me under the aurora borealis … She said yes.”

As the video goes through its time-lapse photography, the lights are seen in constant movement until eventually the couple appear on video and the proposal is a success.

The proposal seemed like the perfect geeky fit for a neuroscientist with his Ph.D. from MIT.

Rivest studies how brains form episodic memories, but, in this case, he won’t need the memory in his brain because he caught it in one of the coolest proposal videos we have ever seen.

The video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 40D. Rivest used a triggering device from to help create the video.

You might recall a similar backdrop proposal from 2012 when stargazer Shookie Basuroy proposed to girlfriend Rajeep while watching a total solar eclipse from a hot air balloon above Cairns, Australia.

There seems to be one common theme among really cool starlight proposals: The women involved keep saying yes.

Here’s the time-lapse video in all of its beauty:

What do you think of the Northern Lights time-lapse photography proposal?