April 17, 2018
Aaron Rodgers Is 'Frustrated' And 'Emotional' With Green Bay Packers, Per 'Yahoo Sports'

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks that we have seen in the history of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers have been fortunate enough to move on from Brett Favre to Rodgers, and it seems that they may be taking Rodgers for granted.

According to a report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the Packers' franchise quarterback is "frustrated" and "emotional" with the Packers after they cut wide receiver Jordy Nelson and fired quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt. The report also mentions that Rodgers doesn't feel that he is given enough influence in the personnel decisions that the franchise makes.

"Both of those decisions [with Nelson and Van Pelt] were made without him," one league source close to Rodgers said. "In both situations, he had no influence with [the front office] before anything went down."

Needless to say, this bit of news should be concerning for the Packers and their fans. Rodgers isn't the type of player to make his emotions known, which means that this situation is something that Green Bay should take care of as soon as possible.

New general manager Brian Gutekunst has made quite a few changes since taking over for Ted Thompson at the beginning of the offseason. He did go out and sign Jimmy Graham and Muhammad Wilkerson in free agency, but that was backed up almost immediately by the release of Nelson. Gutekunst also signed Tramon Williams in free agency.

Rodgers feels that other franchise quarterbacks around the league are given more pull within their front offices.

"I know he's thinking about that stuff when it comes to the next contract because he should have earned a voice by now," the source added, per Robinson. "In other places with [elite] quarterbacks, consideration is given to those guys. I think Aaron wants to be engaged in some decisions. But that's just not the way it works [in Green Bay]. I think that's obviously frustrating and it's going to keep coming out."

Last season, the Packers missed the playoffs due to Rodgers missing most of the season with a broken collarbone. Making their star quarterback uncomfortable and potentially causing him to consider his future with the franchise is not the direction that Green Bay wants to go.

Coming into the offseason, the Packers were thought to be close to agreeing on a contract extension with Rodgers. Whether that will happen now or not remains to be seen.

Expect to hear more information in the near future about the Rodgers situation in Green Bay. Gutekunst may be doing things differently, but he needs to be careful not to alienate his star quarterback in the process.