‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shattered Franco Begs Sam, Jason, And Michael’s Forgiveness


General Hospital spoilers from the latest soap magazines reveal that there’s still more fallout to come for Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) as he struggles with the grim memories of his childhood molestation. Even though perverted predator Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) is dead, thanks to Drew Cain (Billy Miller), Franco must grieve the loss of his childhood innocence and come to terms with what that means for the future. This emotional trauma, now fully recalled, will remind him of the damage he’s done to others in the past. Franco must finally make a genuine attempt at amends with his victims.

Franco Horrified By Similarities To Jim

GH soap history reminds us that Franco has never damaged a child the way Jim did to him. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps promise this week that Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) comforts a traumatized Franco and encourages him on the path to healing, but he’s got a long road ahead. Part of that journey will be dealing with people he’s inflicted trauma on in the past and faces every day in Port Charles.

Longtime ABC soap watchers know Franco inflicted psychological damage on both Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). For years, Sam thought Franco raped her. He didn’t do it and proved it with a video, but that doesn’t matter to her. As for Michael, for years he believed that Franco paid Carter (Josh Wingate) to rape him in prison. That was also untrue. In both cases, though, the emotional scars are still there because Franco let them assume the worst.

Real Trauma Even If Franco Didn’t Do The Crimes

General Hospital spoilers say that Franco’s road to redemption should be nearing its end, and it’s been a long, slow, painful process that began when Roger Howarth was reintroduced as the recast Franco after role originator left the show and went back to his A-list celebrity life. Since Franco let Michael and Sam believe for years that he victimized them, it’s still real to them. Michael made some peace with Franco while his mom, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), was dating and engaged to Franco, but Sam hates Franco now as much as ever even though Drew bonded with the former serial killer.

And who can blame her? Plus, don’t forget that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was another of Franco’s victims and was willing to let him die in the Port Chuck earthquake. Jason never saw the video that revealed Franco tricked him into thinking he raped Sam. Plus, since Jason was in a drugged-out state for five years, that horrific ordeal is still very fresh in his mind. To move on, GH spoilers promise that Franco must try and earn absolution from Sam, Jason, and Michael. Will it ever happen?

Franco Needs Forgiveness From His Victims

General Hospital spoilers for next week from Soap Central reveal a torn Franco. He is glad to be back home with Liz and her boys, but he knows there are still some fences to mend. Now that Franco has all his childhood memories, he knows the pain that Sam, Jason, and Michael must have felt from what he did to them years ago. As much as Franco now hates Jim for preying on him, he knows that is what he did to his three Port Charles victims. Up until now, Franco never fully understood the impact of his actions.

Since Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) got Franco off on the tumor defense, he was a bit cocky about his past. Franco wrote his actions off to that nasty little parasite in his brain. Now, though, he can no longer deny the pain he caused in the past, and there must be a reckoning. Soon, Franco will go and throw himself on the mercy of Jason, Sam, and Michael and beg forgiveness. GH spoilers tease that he will open up to them about his being molested as a child, not to excuse his actions, but to explain why he’s had an epiphany about himself.

Can Drew Help Franco Win Forgiveness?

Recently, Daytime Confidential posted a thoughtful piece about fans giving Franco another chance. Drew could be pivotal in not only helping Franco heal but also in getting Sam, Michael, and Jason to forgive him for the sins of his past. Remember, Franco took on all the abuse from Jim and protected Drew from being molested. That must count for something, right? Sam and Michael love Drew so Franco’s sacrifice should count for something with them. As for Jason, even if he doesn’t like the guy, Drew’s his twin.

This painful plot of Jim coming back into Franco and Drew’s lives could have a silver lining if the childhood molestation storyline becomes the pivot point for Sam, Jason, and Michael to forgive Franco so they can all heal finally. Catch up on GH scoop on Laura Wright leaking Friz baby spoilers and former GH actor Antonio Sabato Jr.’s scary medical crisis with his young son. Watch ABC for new episodes weekdays, and check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.