Jimmy Kimmel And Lance Bass Parody Lance Armstrong Confession [Video]

While Lance Armstrong’s admission to using performance enhancing drugs in the first of Oprah Winfrey’s two-part confessional continues to viral across the web, ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act last night with a not entirely unfunny parody with ex-N Sync band member Lance Bass.

Do you see what Kimmel did there?

So, by the power of Skype, at the start of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel and a bashful (enough) looking Bass start the set-up.

“Okay Jimmy. Here goes. For many years throughout the ’90s I frosted my tips,” Bass says, of the hair highlighter tips he wore pretty proudly during N-Sync’s 90’s heyday.

He added, “Yes, I used chemicals to make the tips of my hair appear to be lighter than the rest of my hair.”

Kimmel: “But the tips of your hair weren’t lighter than the rest of your hair, so in essence, you were cheating,”

Bass: “Yes.”

Kimmel: “And did the other members of ‘N Sync know about this?”

“JC Chasez knew,” Bass said, “the others didn’t.”

Kimmel: “Do you think you guys should give back your Grammys now?”

Bass: “We didn’t win any Grammys,”

Kimmel: “Do you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders after revealing this?”

Bass: “Yes, I do.”

Kimmel presses: “And do you feel like crying at all right now?”

“No, not really,” Bass replied.

“I would love it so much if you just cry a little,” Kimmel persisted. “I think America would hate you less if you could cry.”

Bass mock sobs.

“There we go,” Kimmel said, adding: “You know, I wish they had a hug feature on Skype right now.”

What do you think folks? Funny, or not so much? Personally I preferred Kimmel and Sarah Silverman’s Matt Damon parody. Now, that had chutzpah!