Elizabeth Hurley Handcuffed In Same Sexy Costume That She Was Lambasted For In Photo With Son [Video]

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The latest round of nasty comments aimed at Elizabeth Hurley for a photo she posted on Instagram now has a backstory revealed that may clear up some of the angst regarding the picture. In that photo, Elizabeth Hurley is dressed as a French maid and Damian Hurley is sandwiched in between his mom and her co-star Joan Collins sitting on a sofa.

People came out of the woodwork to point out that the actress was dressed just a bit too skimpy to be posing with her teen son. This has become somewhat of a theme today, as this is not the first time Hurley has been lambasted for wearing a “sexy” attire around her 16-year-old son.

It seems the Daily Star has offered up some information about how this photo came to be. It wasn’t as if Elizabeth Hurley donned that costume just for the sake of the picture, it was an outfit used in a scene she was doing for her show The Royals. It just so happened that when the cast was taking a breather, someone snapped a picture of Elizabeth, Damian, and Joan sitting together. That is how the picture was taken.

So why the maid costume when Hurley’s role is that of a queen on the show? Hurley’s character was role-playing in the bedroom. Elizabeth Hurley plays Queen Helena on The Royals and the role of her mother on the show, the Grand Duchess of Oxford, is played by Dame Joan Collins.

The Unholy Trinity

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According to the Daily Star, earlier in the episode, her mother caught Queen Helena having a night of passion with her daughter’s friend, Sebastian, and she scolded her for this. Hurley, in her role as Queen Helena, is decked out in the maid’s outfit complete with heels and fishnet stockings for some bedroom role-playing.

When her mother walks into the bedroom unannounced, she finds Hurley’s character in a compromising position in handcuffs and this skimpy outfit. But you wouldn’t know it by the way they act in this scene. The mother-daughter characters express about as much surprise as if they just happened upon each other shopping in a store.

In the episode, Queen Helena’s mother finds her handcuffed to the bedpost. The Dutchess walks in and asks her daughter what she is up to before nonchalantly finding the key to the handcuffs and setting her maid role-playing daughter free.

Happy Mothers Day Mummy xxx

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Now unhandcuffed, the Queen is in her maid outfit and the Queen’s mother in a long flowing gown, as they sit down for a talk as if they just met for tea in this scene. They talk about the Duchess going through a breakup and Hurley’s character as Queen Helena is heard saying how sorry she is for “mummy.”

Hurley donned this skimpy maid’s costume as part of her role on The Royals. It was basically all in a day’s work wearing this costume that caused so many negative comments online. Damian, who has had a small part on the Royals for the past two seasons, was in the studio as part of his workday when the picture was snapped. The rest is online history with all the finger pointing at Elizabeth Hurley’s mode of dress around her son in this photo.


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