Cross-Dressing Meth Priest Kevin Wallin Liked Sex In Rectory

A cross-dressing Catholic priest nicknamed “Msgr. Meth” reportedly liked sex along with his drugs. The Catholic priest was indicted by a federal grand jury for a nationwide meth ring and he isn’t out of the fire yet. The priest’s new crimes show him being suspended after officials discovered he had been cross-dressing and having sex in the Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral’s rectory.

Monsignor Kevin Wallin, 61, had been relieved of his duties in May, but the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport still paid him until his arrest on January 3. Kevin Wallin had plans that day to fly to London.

Kevin Wallin, who has been nicknamed “Msgr. Meth” by some, was selling several thousands of dollars in meth per week, and had been shipping all the way from Connecticut to California, says the arrest report. Wallin, of Waterbury, purchased an adult toy and video store called Land of Oz in his post-Priesthood life, situated in North Haven. Investigators claim he laundered thousands of dollars in weekly meth profits using the shop.

Residents throughout Bridgeport and Danbury were shocked by Wallin’s arrest. He was involved in several charitable activities and was known as a charismatic speaker. He regularly attended musicals with former New York Cardinal Edward Egan and parishioners. Cardinal Edward Egan was his mentor.

According to Fox News, longtime Saint Augustine parishioner Maria Spencer-Fonseca stated that Wallin was a work of evil:

“There is an evil invading our world and it has come to our church. This was a work of evil — and I am praying for the monsignor.”

A parishioner at the Church of Saint Peter, Therese Ruppert said she “can’t fathom” the news:

“He was so spiritual. His sermons were wonderful. He had such knowledge of theology.”

According to the New York Post, Kevin Wallin faces a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted on the charge of drug conspiracy. He was arrested alongside co-defendant, Kenneth “Lyme” DeVries January 3 at his Waterbury apartment.

With his combined history of cross-dressing, money laundering and involvement in a nationwide meth ring, Wallin has shocked the Roman Catholic community with his arrest. What do you think about the cross-dressing meth priest?

Connecticut priest arrested in meth ring