‘Destiny 2’ Iron Banner 6v6 Arriving Tuesday


Destiny 2 players won’t have to wait long to try out the revamped Iron Banner featuring 6-versus-6 matches after all. Bungie delayed the debut last week and the length of the delay was questionable. However, the studio announced the limited time event will drop for Guardians on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow.

Iron Banner will be available from Tuesday, April 17 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m PT through the following Tuesday, April 24 at the same time. This follows a “late-breaking issue” that forced a delay to the updated game mode after internal playtests discovered an issue where all players in a match would be sent to Orbit once certain conditions with the score and timer were reached.

Because a fix to the Iron Banner issue would not be available until after the originally planned April 10 release, Bungie elected to make the updated six-man Rumble mode with updated spawn points the weekly Crucible playlist.

The new Iron Banner will increase the match size from 4 vs 4 to 6 vs 6. The increased player count will be of special interest, as the Destiny 2 Crucible maps were primarily designed around the smaller player count.

The competitive multiplayer mode will further hearken back to the original Destiny 1 Control game type playstyle. Control zones will not be held by either team at the start of a match, and capturing zones will happen faster with more players in the capture circle. These changes plus the recent tweaks to Super and ability regeneration, as well as the weapon tuning as part of the “Go Fast,” update should make it tempting for lapsed Destiny 2 players to dip their toes back in the Iron Banner waters.

Rewards for the April Iron Bounty will be much the same as before, however, as Bungie is still working on updating the loot structure in Destiny 2. The Iron Banner Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon, Pulse Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher were all previously confirmed for this month’s event and there has been no suggestion of this changing.


More News to Come

Those looking to keep up with what Bungie is doing to try and bring the excitement back to Destiny 2 will want to tune into a Twitch live stream on April 24. This will be the reveal of the Warmind expansion, and the community is somewhere between hesitantly optimistic and worried about a repeat of Curse of Osiris.

The positive news is the Destiny 2 update 1.2.0 releasing alongside the Warmind expansion will also make all DLC maps available to players who have not purchased any expansions in matchmaking activities. Those who want to try the maps in private matches will need to own the appropriate expansion.