Houston Fat Cat Tiny Tim Has Cancer

Tiny Tim, a fat cat from Houston whose weight-loss achievements earned him national attention and viral fame, now has cancer.

Tiny Tim might be the Internet’s second-favorite cat (behind Tardar Sauce), having achieved national attention for his overweight figure and eventual strict diet and exercise. MSN reports that doctors keeping an eye on the 30-pound cat at the animal hospital say he’s been diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in his leg.

Dr. Alice Frei, who has been monitoring Tiny Tim’s progress at the Southside Place Animal Hospital, said that the Houston fat cat “has cancer” and that there’s “no radiation or chemotherapy for such an aggressive tumor.”

Furthermore, Frei said “the cancer was so rapidly growing that they could not define the cell of origin.”

Tiny Tim will have a CAT scan on Friday, but things don’t look good, reports ABC News.

“If Tiny Tim’s CAT scan does not show [the] tumor has invaded his chest, we have decided that the only course of treatment is to have the leg amputated,” Frei wrote. “If the tumor has spread to his chest his treatment options are basically zero.”

The staff is waiting to see if Tiny will need surgery, but admit that even that will be a very difficult decision for them to make.

“Surgery for Tiny Tim is a huge risk because of his size, and if he makes it through the surgery he has a long road back,” Frei wrote. “It will be rough. With it he may die. Without it he will die.”

Still, Tiny has lost 25 percent of his body weight through strict diet and exercise, so I suppose anything is possible for the little guy.

You can follow Tiny Tim’s progress on his Facebook fan page, here.