Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Marriage ‘Will Not Last’ Claims Renowned Feminist On ’60 Minutes Australia’

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Meghan Markle has called herself a feminist, as does her fiancé Prince Harry, yet an outspoken and influential feminist has gone on television declaring that the actress has “sacrificed too much” in order to marry Princess Diana’s second son.

According to Australian broadcaster 9News, who reported on Germaine Greer’s scathing 60 Minutes Australia interview, the renowned feminist predicted that Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry “will not last,” and the Suits star “will bolt” because of the restrictions placed on the royal family, but she hopes that the American actress will take the prince with her when she leaves.

Speaking to Tara Brown, the 79-year-old feminist authority claims that Meghan gave up too much for Prince Harry, including her acting career, and her home in North America.

In exchange, Greer claims Markle now has the “ludicrous, fearfully controlling, and frightfully boring” Windsor family to contend with. She insists that Meghan’s “turd hat” from Christmas at Sandringham was something that the royal family made her wear.

Greer predicts that once the couple is married on May 19 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, Markle will “see vistas of boredom that are unbelievable.” She surmises that “the pressure to escape from the firm (the British nickname for the royal family) is crushing.”

The only way that the situation is not “totally unbearable” is if the couple is “in love.” Yet, Greer still believes that Markle “will bolt.”

She reminds viewers that Markle had bolted from her first husband, Trevor Engelson, and Greer believes she will with Harry. Yet, Greer does “hope” that should Meghan bolt, she will take Harry with her.

While many royal watchers all over the world are planning to watch Meghan marry Harry, Germaine Greer won’t be one of those watching. In fact, she is not a fan of marriage altogether, claiming it does not “guarantee status” nor deliver what it says.

When asked about Meghan improving her own status by marrying the current fifth in line to the British throne, Greer insists marriage to Harry would only raise Meghan Markle’s status “for all the wrong reasons.”

Then she surmised that Meghan “expects to have a good time,” before making a dig at Harry by saying, “He’s glamorous despite having red hair.”


Clearly no fan of the royal family, the Inquisitr previously reported on a Yahoo piece on Greer who declared that had Princess Diana lived, she would have been a “disaster” because she was so “needy,” without ever imagining that 20 years later, she would have perhaps grown emotionally.

As part of a group of experts on the British chat show Sam Delaney’s New Thing, the panel spent some time remembering Diana 20 years later. They asked the outspoken feminist if Diana was a “feminist icon.” This caused laughter by the feminist before she began to explain her thoughts.


She explained that Diana was “willing to humiliate herself” to get the “love of men.” She went on to say that this was “not sexy,” yet the author of The Female Eunuch really didn’t elaborate more on other feminist issues besides Diana’s relationships.

Shockingly, the Aussie native even became vulgar when predicting where Diana would be now, as she continued to focus on Diana’s relationships. She predicted that Diana would have had a “tally of men who dumped her,” even offering the figure of “40 or 50 probably.” Then stated that her reputation would have been “worst f*** in the country.”