'One Piece' Chapter 902 Theories: Will Jinbe Die For The Straw Hats To Safely Make Their Escape?

Mark Jason Alcala

One Piece Chapter 902's arrival later this week is highly anticipated by fans who are dying to know what happens next after the surprise cliffhanger in the latest chapter. In the manga series' 901st chapter, it looked like the extraction team might still have a chance of getting Sanji out of Big Mom's territory, but it could come with a terrible cost - leaving the new Straw Hats member Jinbe behind to fight an unwinnable battle against the overpowered Yonko.

One Piece manga Chapter 901 arrived a few days ago and is now available online in Mangastream. While most fans have already made up their own speculations and theories on what could happen in that particular chapter, Oda, as expected, still managed to surprise and prove most of those theories wrong.

In fact, the surprising twists revealed in the latest chapter did not sit well with some fans. For instance, not only was the entire Sunny crew safe, as rumored in a previous Inquisitr article, even the ship itself was relatively unharmed. However, the way the miraculous deed was carried out was a bit hard to swallow, according to a One Piece video reaction post by YouTuber RogersBase, even if it was done by the gigantic Wadatsumi.

Jinbe decided to stay behind and help his former crew fight the Yonko's navy to ensure that they can effectively block Big Mom and her fleet to buy some time for Luffy's team to make their escape. Of course, everyone knows that this is basically suicide. At Jinbe's current level of power, only death awaits him by fighting a Yonko, which may or may not be shown in One Piece Chapter 902.

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Some fans remain hopeful, however, that Jinbe, by some unfathomable means, just might manage to remain alive throughout the ordeal. In fact, Luffy 's statement that they will be waiting for Jinbe in Wano could be just that - Jinbe will just show up one day and recount the tale of how he managed to survive a fight against Big Mom's navy.

One Piece manga Chapter 902 is expected to arrive later this week. Stay tuned for updates.