Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Reveal What They Did During Colorado Mission Trip, And It Involves Lots Of Food

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard didn’t leave the United States for their most recent mission trip. Instead, the Arkansas residents traveled a few states over to help the needy in Colorado. However, they weren’t just there to feed the homeless. According to Jill, the main purpose of the trip was to aid a couple who needed some assistance driving traffic to their church.

On Saturday, Jill Duggar used the Dillard Family website to update fans on what type of ministry work she and Derick did during their week-long trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The trek was part of Derick’s training with the Cross Church School of Ministry. As reported by In Touch Weekly, Derick previously asked for online donations to help pay the $10,000 required to enroll in the year-long program for aspiring faith leaders. Because he and Jill are spending other people’s money, they make sure to occasionally update their donors on how it is being used.

According to Jill, she and Derick spent much of their time in Colorado Springs doing “community outreach” to help a new church grow its congregation. This included appealing to the stomachs of many different groups of people. The former Counting On stars revealed that they helped prepare and deliver meals to the homeless, and they wooed employees at local businesses and schools with doughnuts and coffee. Their mission group decided that hot pizzas were the key to winning over police officers, firemen, and members of the military. They even passed out dog treats at a local park.

Even though the main purpose of handing out all of this free food was to promote the new church as a great place to worship, Jill Duggar claimed that she and the other members of the mission team offered it to people “with no strings attached.” They only employed one non-food-related method of showing the community how much the church cares about it: picking up trash at the park.

“We really wanted to show the community that, in representing The Bridge Fellowship we wanted to serve and love Colorado Springs, with no strings attached.”

Jill and Derick turned their working trip into a mini family vacation by bringing their two children — Israel, 3, and Samuel, 10 months — with them. Both little boys were sick with colds, but Israel was all smiles during a visit to the children’s play area at Focus on the Family. He turned 3-years-old during the trip, which earned him a special birthday breakfast of hotel cereal and milk.

The Dillards also squeezed in a trip to Pike’s Peak, where Israel got to see some snow. However, the family didn’t spend their entire trip together. In an Instagram post, Jill Duggar revealed that she took her two young sons on a one-hour, 10-minute walk to a Chick-fil-a restaurant while their father was “busy with the rest of the team from church.”

“Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for us!” Jill Duggar concluded her blog post. “We are so grateful.”