Carrie Underwood Shares Picture Of Her Full Face, With No Scars, Ahead Of American Music Awards Performance

Carrie Underwood is apparently not apprehensive about the possibility of facial scars from a November injury, sharing a picture of her full face ahead of Sunday's performance at the American Music Awards.

The country singer is set to make her first live appearance since a fall in November left her with close to 40 stitches in her face and left scars that reportedly made Underwood very self-conscious. But that seems to be gone now, with Underwood sharing a picture from her rehearsal --- and few lingering signs of the injury at all.

There were some initial rumors that Carrie Underwood had suffered serious scars, leaving her with serious anxiety about appearing in public again. A report from Hollywood Life claimed that Underwood was struggling both physically and emotionally, working with a team of the "best dermatologists in Beverly Hills" to deal with what the report termed a "horrible scar" and also leaning on her group of friends for emotional support.

It was not clear how much truth there was to the reports, as Carrie Underwood's time away from the spotlight helped the rumor mill kick into overdrive. Along with the rumors about her facial deformities, there were other reports claiming that she was pregnant and another report claiming she was headed for divorce.

But the picture Carrie Underwood shared this week did not have any outward signs of a scar. Though the picture was taken from a considerable distance away and part of her face was obscured by a microphone, Underwood appeared confident and did not look any different than before her fall.

This is now the second time that Carrie Underwood has shared a picture of her full face after the injury. In early April, she shared a different picture of rehearsal, though like the one shared on Friday it was from some distance, so fans could not see any signs of the scarring.After sharing the full-length shots of her face, Carrie Underwood will now give fans an even closer glimpse. She is set to make her first live performance since the fall at the American Music Awards on Sunday, and is nominated for two awards --- Female Vocalist of the Year and Vocal Event of the Year for her song "The Fighter" with Keith Urban.