Melania Trump ‘Takes Course Of Least Resistance’ Amid Allegations Against Husband, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

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Melania Trump is a woman who likes to live in the here and now. This means she doesn’t waste her time worrying about what things may loom in the future, according to Hollywood Life. In an exclusive interview from a source close to Melania, Hollywood Life has learned that she prefers to deal with things as they “arise” rather than dealing with speculations.

Many thought the Stormy Daniels allegations would be Melania’s ticket out of the marriage, but as the entertainment media site reminds their readers, she’s still there. It also appears that Melania intends to ride out the latest allegations by her husband’s side, as long as they are only allegations.

The latest buzz around the Trump marriage has to do with the elusive video that allegedly shows Donald Trump in a Moscow hotel room watching prostitutes urinate on one another. Donald Trump has denied this and he’s told Melania that this is nothing more than an attempt to politically smear his name, claims the Hollywood Life source.

Melania Trump is choosing to believe Donald Trump about these “bizarre allegations” as she doesn’t want to stir up any trouble. According to the source, when it comes to things within Melania and Donald’s marriage, Melania likes to “take the course of least resistance.”

Melania Trump
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In the case of the alleged Moscow tape, the “course of least resistance” means Melania accepted her husband’s excuse for the allegations and she doesn’t believe the video exists. She chooses to believe the version of the events that Trump has told her, claims the source.

With that said, if Melania is one day presented with a “smoking gun” to back up any claims that are being made, then Hollywood Life reports they’ve been told it would be “all bets off” for Melania. As of now, Melania, 47, doesn’t believe a video of her husband in such a humiliating surrounding exists in what is known in the headlines as the “pee tape.”

Hollywood Life writes how no evidence of this tape has ever emerged, and unless it does, Melania will continue with her “course of least resistance.” The same source claims that if Melania was somehow proven wrong in her decision to believe that her husband has told her the truth, then “she may take a powerful stand.”

Recently the allegations about this “pee tape” have made it to the headlines again. These allegations are coming out of James Comey’s new book. The former FBI director brings up that so-called “pee tape” in his book and claims that Trump wanted the FBI to investigate those prostitutes’ claims so that he could prove to Melania that this was a false allegation.