Chicago Bears Could Be Interested In Recently Released Dez Bryant

Tom Pennington Getty Images

Dez Bryant to the Chicago Bears? There is a possibility that the Bears can sign Dez Bryant despite many observers expecting other teams to join the fray. The rumblings of interest being present from the Chicago Bears’ standpoint is growing.

The prospects of the Chicago Bears’ intrigue in Dez Bryant has been mentioned by NBC Chicago. The Bears became one of several teams to keep an eye on once Dez Bryant was released (courtesy of ESPN) by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday.

Among the other NFL teams mentioned were the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, and Washington Redskins.

According to the aforementioned report by ESPN, Dez Bryant prefers to remain in the NFC East. That will not stop other NFL teams from getting information on one of the game’s most polarizing wide receivers.

The Chicago Bears have a sudden need for another receiver. Earlier in the week, the Bears chose not to match a two-year offer sheet (courtesy of Inquistr News) that the New Orleans Saints handed Cameron Meredith. Meredith, who led the Bears in receptions and yards in 2016, opted to reunite with his former position coach Curtis Johnson, according to the Times-Picayune. Meredith’s defection to the Saints created a void on the Bears.

Based on talent and ability, Dez Bryant is an ideal fit for the Chicago Bears. A healthy Dez Bryant could help the Bears. However, his fit inside of the locker room is questionable.

Dez Bryant is a big personality, who may or may not mesh with a Chicago Bears’ team which does not have the reputation of taking in polarizing players. There is a fear that Bryant could do one of two things — have the Bears locker room under sieged or stunt the development of Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

What actual effect Dez Bryant may have inside of the Chicago Bears locker room remains unfounded. As noted, the Bears do not have a history of players with Dez Bryant’s personality. That can be flawed thinking and part of a media creation.

In the past, the Bears have had coaches with oversized egos and larger than life personas. The Bears have only had a few players on the team with such traits since the 1985 Super Bowl winning team.

Interest in adding Dez Bryant is a risk that could wind up being worth taking for a Chicago Bears team looking to gain some excitement from their fans. The Bears have had a productive offseason thus far when they signed pass-catchers Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, and Taylor Gabriel.

The offense that the Chicago Bears will have with Matt Nagy as head coach is a versatile one. It will feature a variety of vertical and short passes. The vertical portion of the offense will be aided by Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel. Meanwhile, Trey Burton will be asked to run a lot of the intermediate routes. What is missing for the Bears is a prototypical No. 2 receiver.

Outside of bringing in Dez Bryant, one option for the Chicago Bears is to take a receiver within the first couple of rounds in the upcoming NFL Draft. Doing so comes with less financial risk for the Bears. However, the last wide receiver the Bears took with a high pick has not been able to remain healthy.

Because of their salary cap situation, the Chicago Bears can easily absorb Dez Bryant’s potential financial demands. The question, if the Bears are indeed interested in signing Dez Bryant, becomes his potential impact in the standings.

At least one Chicago Bears stalwart, Danny Trevathan, has made an attempt to recruit Dez Bryant to the team, according to 247 Sports.

Most people believe that Dez Bryant will sign with a team looking to contend for a playoff spot. Perhaps the belief is that the Chicago Bears are closer to a playoff berth than some think. The only way for anyone to find out if Dez Bryant is a fit for the Bears is for him to land with them.

Dez Bryant to the Chicago Bears may have a ring to it. How realistic of a possibility it is will be revealed over the next couple of days.